Everythings ok... (i think)

Hi all,
Thanks for all your replys to my post on monday. I saw MW who did an internal and took some swabs she said everthing looked ok, but sent them off anyway. We also got to hear our little mans heartbeat for the first time which was lovely.
I've still been having period type pains in my back, but no more loss or bleeding so thats good. All swabs and msu came back yesterday and were normal so we dont know whats wrong. All they have said is if i get any pains in my tummy or tightenings to ring labour ward. (fingers crossed ther is no nee for that)
Just wanted to let you all know we are ok, and to say thanks for your posts.
Katie, Erin and blue bump. X


  • Thats great news everything is fine. I had a bleed and pains at 7 weeks and thought I had MC, my wee boy is now 5 months old. The probable cause was implantation bleeding.
  • Aw thanks denise
    Glad your lo doing well, i'm 21 weeks so defo not implantation bleeding, they dont seem to know what it is/was?
  • Heya, glad that all is ok sometimes it just happens and they dont figure out why. image xxxx


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