Please help - leaking a little water

Hello girlies, I need some advise, am leaking a small bit of water and i'm 24+3...sorry if TMI but smells like wee so i'm guessing that is good but never had this. Have called hospital and they have asked me to go it and get checked out but just wondered if anyone had this at all? I normally get discharge but this is nothing like it.



  • sounds as though it could be urine hun if u say it smells like wee.Its surprisingly common as baby gets bigger and presses on bladder that it can make you pee urself a bit and its sometimes hard to tell if its this or not!my friend had this in her pregnancy near the end and also thought it was her waters.Lets hope this is what it is with you at this early stage in your pregnancy,hope all goes well at hospital xxx
  • hey, sounds to me as though its a trickle of wee from the baby pressing down, but best get it checked out to be on the safe side. wearing a small panty liner might be an idea if it is urine, let us know how you get on at the hospital image xxx

  • Hey hun im pretty sure this is just urine. I had this around the same time and was worried it was my waters but when i asked mw she said its just where baby is pressing on bladder and will subside when baby moves up. Always worth checking it out tho hun. I have to say ive been wearing panty liners ever since cos i do leak abit but all part of being preggers i spose!

    Anna 34+6
  • Hey,
    I posted on here the other day about my watery discharge and you read my update in may about checking fluid levels, so I know how you are feeling. Hopefully it is just a bit of wee, or a watery discharge. They will make sure everything is ok at the hospital. Good luck though. Let us know how it goes
  • hope everything is ok hunny wishing you luck i shamefully admit if i sneeze am sick or cough then i have a lill trickle ive taken to wearing a pantyliner at all times you lose every shred of dignity when pregnant dont you image
  • Tracey,
    How are you doing? I hope all was ok at the hospital last night. Let us know how you are getting on.
  • Hey girlies, well I went to the MAC and got checked over and had a nasty internal, they had me there for 6 hrs!! I had a lovely room anyway and kept myself occupied. They finally told me it was just watery disscharge and a bit of wee so all in all I just pissed myself really! lol However by BP was through the roof so they were going to keep me in but as i was seeing my mw they let me go...thank god! Thanks for all your replies! Pleased i still got checked out though!!

    Tracey x x x
  • Thats great. Its a relief to know that all is well isnt it.

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