I decided to call my GP about my morning sickness and spoke to one of the receptionists. I told her that I'm having trouble eating anything and when I am able to eat I can't keep it down. She said there is nothing that can help and I just need to deal with it.

I'm sorry but isn't there something the dr can prescribe?


  • i know there is something the gp can prescribe but i dont know what its called; however my gp didnt want to prescribe but there are other things you can do. Some girls on here swore by the travel sickness bands, I found a glass of flat coke before I got out of bed in the morning and taking my morning much slower helped a bit aswell and making sure you're not tired as that makes you feel worse. In the end I was signed off for 4 weeks which really helped me.
    Can you not leave a message for your gp to ring you rather than going down there, then discuss it with him then ?

    MrsW 31+4
  • There are several different tablets that can be prescribed for sickness. However, the doctors are very keen to avoid giving them out until absolutely necessary. I have had hyperemesis and it took several weeks for me to get some tablets - basically to be taken seriously - but when I did eventually get them, I have had little trouble getting them repeated.

    Hope this helps.

    Perhaps you could make an appointment to see the doc (if necessary, pretend it's for something else to the receptionist?!)

    C x
  • I found nibbling on ginger biscuits worked for me - even though I despise ginger biscuits!!


  • How far gone are you hun?? i was really bad from 5 weeks till 18/19 weeks and was always asking for something to help me even be able to eat as i felt so bad but they wouldnt give me anything till i was just over 18 weeks as they say its totally normal in pregnancy to feel like like that till around 13/16 weeks.but if you are not managing to get any food or fluids down at all then something should be done.. i know its really horrible and really gets you down so i hope you start to feel better soon.

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