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Hi EveryOne,
I'm only 10+1 but when I got up yesterday I seemed to have sprouted quite a rounded tummy, which is clearly a baby bump and people have started commenting. The most annoying thing tho is I need the toilet every ten minutes and that is no exageration. I'm currently in uni three days a week and I'm sure the tutors think I'm taking the mick by going to the toilet so often. However I'll be suprised if they haven't noticed that I'm pregnant because most other people have. As I'm typing this I need another wee so off I go , but I was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing big bump and many toilet trips at such early stages. Kerry xxxxxxxxxx


  • God it drives me mad, i think i need a portaloo. I was big right from the start of this my 2nd pregnancy, and over the last few weeks i'd say from about 15 weeks onwards its constant, arrgghh, i go about 3 times during the night too, dont think it helps that i drink alot of water during the day too. Oh well i suppose its just another joy of pregnancy !!
  • I do need to wee a lot but not every 10mins, when was out shopping with mum other day had to go to possibly more public toilets than ever new existed even found myself commenting on how nice m&s toilets were !!
    Was also asked by another mum in playground when i was 8 wks if i was expecting so yep had big bump too !

    Jo 19 + 6 xxx
  • I'm wondering weather I sure go and see my gp about this excessive weeing maybe ive got an infection or something, but there is no pain or anything and I don't remember having this problem last time. K xxxxxxx
  • I would if it really is every 10mins, prob be nothing but at least it would put your mind at rest x
  • Yeah and then if there is something wrong it cud put my legs at rest too. Ha ha ha ha xxxxx
  • hey kerry - i've been going for a wee more than usual but every 10 mins seems pretty excessive. Without getting into too much technical detail but maybe you are not emptying your bladder when you go. I've read in some pregnancy mags/books that you should kinda lean forward when going for a wee as this helps empty the bladder fully. However, you could have a UTI so should probably take a urine sample to your docs in case you need antibiotics.
  • I've been lucky and not suffered from this at all, I just go to the toilet as normal! I hope it lasts!!! I have heard that rocking while on the loo helps empty your bladder. I've got a big bump, I think it's great cos people know you're pregnant so you have an excuse. hehe.
  • From before I found out i was pregnant i was always needing to pee, thats one of the reasons I thought I was pregnant and like you it was nearly every 10 mins and at least every hour through the night. I would like to say its gets better but I would be lying lol I asked my midwife about it and she said it can be down to hormone levels, if your worried though deffo contact midwife or gp xxx
  • yer i go to the toilet so many tyms too driving me nuts lol wen i 1st got preg i went so many times then it started to slow down abit now its back to peein every 5mins
  • Cheers ladies, im gona start monitoring how often im going so iv got an accurate account, but i will defo try leaning foward, because i'm only going little bits at a time so it might be that my bladder is not been emptied properly. Thanks agen everyone. Kerry xxxxxx
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