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child benfit why preg

ive just read that from april you child benfit from 29 weeks


  • Yep, they seem to be throwing money at pregnant women this year...not that I'm complaining, mind you!
    Carly 22+3 xxx
  • cool!
    so we get child benefit and what else?child benefit i think i will put aside for seperate bank account.

  • Where have you seen this? i am trying to find out and how can we claim like how do i be suitable to claim? xx
  • Are you thinking of the child benefit hat everyone gets? If so you claim after the baby is born as you get a form from the mw (i think). There is the healthy pregnancy grant which you can claim if your edd is after 06/04 for ??190. You get your form from the mw. And the surestart maternity grant which I think most people are eligible for after the baby is born x
  • i would like to know about this too, i get child benefit already for my others, but you used to be only able to claim after they were born?
  • doesnt the ??190 get paid by cheque to the baby?what i mean is you cant spend it on a cot or something?

  • no the 190 is paid into your account but that isnt getting paid out until after the end of april 09 the one that goes to the child is the trust fund thing you can open an account for your baby, the child benefit i have just read on the bounty website is..they are going to start paying all pregnant women child benfit from 29 weeks of pregnancie starting from this year? but it doesnt tell you how or when or anything!
  • the ??190 grant is called health in pregnancy grant, which is supposed to be used by us go make sure we eat well during the later stages of pregnancy. it doesn't get paid to the baby. in the case of a lot of us april mums who qualify for it, we won't actually get the money until after lo is born!!! hth a bit hun xxx
  • just googled it and starting its starting from april so april mummies and may mummies will mostly miss out but i think its a great idea
    claire xx
  • I just googled it aswell and it seems the healthy pregnancy grant is what they are on about. The ??190 is about right for 10-11 weeks worth of child benefit. x
  • no taffy it says child benefit not health in preg grant. like u i really cant believe this but i assume mw will know so maybe ask them or local benefit office. and if it's ure 2nd/3rd child this wudnt wiork ourt to b ??190. xx
  • think only best to do is ring chidbenfit up they should no more
  • That article is dated Dec 2006...was it made legal? x
  • jst phoned them and they said it isnt the case the child needs 2 b born. maybe they brought in the health in preg grant instead as ames said this article is dec 2006 which with my baby brain i thot was jst dec there lol. xx
  • I rang them last week and they said it was starting in April! It's completely diff from the Health in Pregnancy grant-I'm hoping they weren't just making it up, can't imagine why they'd tell people it was coming in if it wasn't!

    This contradicts what they told me! Apparently it is only the Health in Pregnancy grant we get now
    Carly 22+3 xxx
  • now i'm totally confused, surely they wud know and if someone told carly they were starting it in april and someone told me theyre not then who shud we believe. i only assume if it is the case we are entitled to backdated money. anyone else phoned them? xx
  • I'm going to call again on Monday hon, it's really bugging me that I was told that if it may not be true! I'll post as soon as I've spoken to them xxx
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