shortness of breathe

im almost 30 weeks pregnant and for the last few hours ive been struggling to breathe properly, i am asthmatic but i know that my chest isnt caught up. Does anyone know what this is or wot i should do??

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  • i am preg with second, and first time this happened to me quite a lot near your stage..i was told it is because of the baby squashing lungs etc but it should get better towards the very end once baby drops down.if it is only when you are walking etc this is just due to your heart having to work harder etc, but it can also happen when your not doing anything which can be worrying but is quite normal (or so i was told)..if you are really struggling then seek medical help, especially if it is constant and maybe since you are asthmatic you should get checked out just in case, but try not to worry as im sure that just makes it worse x
  • The breathing eased of after a while but went to docs today to get check out and until now i was breach but baby has now moved so when it was moving must have been squashing my lungs. Thanks for you reply
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