ITS A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never thought I would be on here saying this but I had my scan last night and after 2 girls I am having a little BOY!!! Me and husband are still in shock but all confirmed and sonogrpaher was 100% sure and we have a dvd and pictures of his little manhood.

I cant believe it, roll on july now!! xx


  • Ah congratulations hun. Ive got to boys and expecting my 3rd in 18 days dont know the sex but a girl would be lovely!!

  • What fantastic news!!! Wont be joining me in my girls club now though!! So chuffed for you hunni after having 2 girls. Congratulations!!
    Luv Mikayla xxx
  • Congrats hun, how exciting!!!
    Do you feel any different during this pregnancy than you did with your girls?
  • Congratulations hun on your fantastic news.
    Hayley x
  • congratulations a little boy how fantastic really pleased for you hun

  • Yay, congratulations hun!!! Looks like Zoey was right, I hope she is for me too! Would love a boy this time.xxxxx
  • Ooh how exciting after 2 girls!! congratulations! xxx
  • Congrats!! I too found out yesterday that after two girls, I too am having a boy!!! Finding it really weird to get my head around! Can't believe I am going to be a mother of a son! Scan was slightly overshadowed though by fact that they found an echogenic focus in my baby's left ventricle of his heart. It can be a soft marker for downs but as my bloods were low risk and there are no other markers, they are not sending me for further tests and told me not to worry, but naturally, I am!! Has anyone else had or heard of this? I did notice a thread in another forum on this site before I registered but now I've registered, I can't seem to find it, typical!
  • Congratulations! I guess you'll be buying blue stuff now!
  • congratulations hun! a little boy to entertain ur girls. xxx
  • That's great news! A big congratulations to you and your OH.XXX
  • congrats i have a little boy and would love another! i love little boys (hmmmm sounds a bit dodgy!) but seriously my little boy is 9 months old and a right handsome little man!!!!! xxx
  • CONGRATULATIONS image thats excellent news!
    so when are you going shopping?! xx
  • woohooo how exciting huni bet your over the moon! sonographer couldn't guarentee it but she thought i was having a boy so its a possible for me too lol wont find out till June image but yay 4 you bet the girls are really excited now hahaha especially as he can't steal their dolls hahaha
  • Hi all thanks for the congrats, I am still in shock today and it probably wont feel real until he is here! It is unbeleivable how much stuff we have thats pink from towels to pushchairs to bowls thats going to have to change but will all be fun doing.

    My eldest is really excited but youngest doesnt really understand.

    We were going to go shopping today but everyone has had the sickness bug all week and i finally got it yesterday!

  • aawwww hun not good get better soon lots odf really cute lil boy stuff out there now image trust me i've looked
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