antibiotic illness and 1st scan

Well last week i was uncontrollably sick unable to hold down water or anything (hence my being dead in here the last week lol) I ended up in A&E on a drip to hydrate me and on anti sickness meds to help. turned out that the antibiotics didn't agree with me (wouldn't mind but still have the same infection for the last 2 months image image took a week to get them out of my system. Just to make sure baby was ok i had my first scan on weds... OMG it was a lil blob with a flicker of a heart beat! put a few minds at ease.
Due to my abdo pain i've been getting and a few other lil probs she thought i was having an ectopic pregnancy. didn't tell me but she came with me to the scan as i was a lil scared that it was all a phantom etc..... (went a lil nutty with thoughts) max measurement was 15mm making my baby then 7+6 max (we thought we were further than that)by a week maybe 2. unfortunately meaning i'm having a summer baby instead of spring lol so much for planning lol

My mom's concerned about the pains i'm getting all the time in my belly as they are never the same type of pain or necessarily n the same place... anyone else suffering similar so i can say to my mom hey don't worry it's normal...



  • Don't worry about pains, most people get them in early pregnancy and they aren't necessarily all the same either, sometimes I had like a period cramp and then a sharp stabbing pain...sometimes on one side of my stomach, sometimes in the middle or on other side. If you think about it everyone gets odd pains sometimes and just put it down to their bowels or something! It's just you don't think about it unless you're pregnant. I woke up in the night at about 16 weeks with agonising stomach cramps, really really bad. Managed to get up and go to the loo only to, ahem realise it was diarrhea (cant spell that!) and the takeaway pizza I'd eaten had given me an upset stomach.

    When I went for my early scans, I went at 6+5 and they said I was 6+1. Then went at 8+5 and they said I was 9+1. It's hard to date a pregnancy when they're that small. Also you might have ovulated a week later than you thought.

    Glad everythings okay now - good luck!!

    Philippa 18+1 x x x
  • thank philippa... Truth be known i didn't work out ovulation. i had my implant out on the 5 of sept and then by mid oct did a test and found i was pg lol certainly a surprise to fall so soon. even doc was shocked lol hoping mine is like yours as thought i was a week or two ahead of the original date this date throw me back a lil. still waiting on my dating scan appt though image my main problem is my stham keeps flaring up although its not quite what i deem important enough to warrent a visit to docs its using up my inhalers a lot, my lo is gonna end up dependant on salbutamol lol
  • It does upset you a bit (well, it upset me anyway lol) when they say you're behind your dates. Cos in the first 12 weeks you just want it to hurry up so you can stop worrying. I had constant bleeding, and although it wasn't heavy, every day until 11 weeks when it stopped was agonising! x x x

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