am i having a mc?

I started bleeding at about 3.30pm yesterday, it was bright red and there wasn't enough to soak my pantyliner. I went straight to a&e and after 3 hours they took some blood from me and sent me home saying i'd hear from the early pregnancy unit tomorrow.
Whilst i was in a&e the bleeding stopped but at about 9.30pm i had a dark red mucus discharge. This morning i had a brown discharge (more like syrup than discharge) i've had nothing since but i've still got cramps which i've had for the past few weeks.
I phoned the EPU this morning to ask their advice and they said they couldn't get me in for a scan for at least a week and to see my midwife tomorrow who would decide if i needed one or not.
The EPU said they would phone me back with the blood results - but nothing as yet.

I honestly thought that they would have scanned me asap - how stupid of me!

Anyway i'm gutted, as is my dh. I'm fearing the worst just because i know bleeding isn't a good sign.

As anyone experienced anything like this before?

Sarah 9+3


  • I'd ring your own mw and try to get an appointment at the epau through her. I had a bleed between 8-9 weeks, it was bright red but there wasn't much- called my mw and she managed to get me a scan the next morning. Thankfully everything was fine but I can understand how worried you are, it's so scary. Really hope everything works out okay. xxx
  • oh hun, i'm sorry you are experiencing this! I am surprised they didn't scan you, i was given a scan within 2 days when i had spotting at 8 weeks and when i had a heavy bright red bleed at 12 weeks i had to go in straight away and had a scan at 11:30pm!!!

    The blood you are describing today sounds like leftover from the bleed yesterday, i would really push for a scan cos at both of mine the baby was fine with strong heartbeat and the blood wasn't coming from baby or womb but probably my cervix which can bleed with cell changes.

    I would get into bed and rest until you can see your midwife or gp.

    Best wishes, xxx

  • thanks for your reassuring replies.

    My original booking in appoinment with the mw is in the morning so i'm going to tell her how unhappy i am about not having a scan or the possible one week wait and see what she has to say.

    I just have a feeling that this is the end of my pregnancy, did you feel like this?
  • yeah both times i was convinced it was the end (i sadly had a mc in dec) . I had to wait a couple of days to get the scan at 8 weeks and it was the longest wait ever, i wouldn't speak to anyone. Then again at 12 weeks i passed a clot and thought it must be the baby so wrapped it in a tissue and took it with me to the epu. I just felt so numb and my heart nearly pounded out of my chest.

    It is the worst feeling ever and i'm so sorry you are going through it.

    Take it easy, xxxx
  • If I were you I would wait at A&E until they see you and scan you. I can't believe they are being like that with you. I had a small bleed at 9 weeks and rang the EPU and she told me to get down there as soon as I could for a scan.
  • Hiya. I had early bleeding and I had a scan arranged within 2 days, so I would definitely complain!! A week is a long time to wait. If you were 6 weeks then you might understand it as you can't always see the heart beat. But at 9 weeks then they definitely should. I did feel like it was the end of my pregnancy too, I think its a natural reaction to assume the worst. But please try and think positive for now - the fact that it wasnt a heavy bleed is good news. xxx

  • the nurse at the EPU said i could go down there and see a doctor if it would put my mind at rest but they still wouldn't be able to scan me.

    I didn't see any point in this so i said no.

    a week is a long time, after hearing your responses i'm deffo going to complain about the length of time i have to wait for a scan.

    I'm annoyed she didn't ring me back with my blood results like she said she would too. I'm sure it doesn't take 3 hours for a clerk to walk to a&e and back to get my notes.
  • maybe you should just see a doctor, they'll probably check to see if your cervix is open or closed, if it is closed this is a good sign and may put your mind at rest a little.

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