Scared the baby will be born too early

Hi all,

I'm just over 23 weeks pregnant and I have a constant fear that the baby will be born premature, I don't know if it's cuz I watch a program on sky 3 I think which comes on around 2pm each day about babies in the special care unit. I also have dreams that when the baby's born it's tiny!

What is the average age that babies are able to survive outside the womb?? Sometimes I get a strange contracting sensation, feels very similar to labour contractions and intense burning in my lower abdomin, but it only lasts a few moments then passes. Do you think this is anything to be worrying about?

Thing is we are in the process of buying a house and it was very stressful over the past few weeks as we really wanted this house and there were stages when it may have been out of our reach. Do you think this would have impacted on the baby?

Sorry for all the questions - I'm just worried about lo. Do any of you have this worry?


  • Hi Hun

    Babies are considered 'viable' (horrible word) from 24 weeks - up until that point you can be classed as having a miscarriage, after that you are not - I assume iot's classed as a still birth if something goes wrong. I felt exactly the same as you and was desperate to get to 24 weeks - the babies chances still aren't high then but I think they give it 50/50. You'll be fine though!!! It's totally normal to worry, don't stress yourself out about worrying hun - xxx
  • I really wouldn't worry. I have been a stresshead from the very start of this pregnancy and I haven't even had a whiff of a practise contraction or anything! My blood pressure was high at 16 weeks (no idea why) and there is a history of pre-eclampsia and prem labour in the family so naturally I have been worried but now I am 30 weeks and I'm convinced he's not going to be early. I think the time I was most worried about prem labour was around your stage. When I passed 24 weeks I was a lot calmer!
    16% of babies survive at 23 weeks, 40-50% at 24 weeks, and 90% at 29 weeks. xxx
  • Thanks for your support girls. Glad I'm not the only worrier. It's funny because with my first I never worried, not one bit, but now I think about it a lot. It might be due to some of the sad stories you read on's a real shame these things happen to people. But it really hits home when you read them quite often instead of just being on tv, makes you think it's real and Does happen.

    Tiger Lily - the time has absolutely flown by!! It seems like yesterday when you said you were 20 weeks can't believe you're 30 weeks now, doesn't seem real!

    Take care ladies and thanks again for your replies/ xx
  • I always think time seems to fly when u think of other peoples pregnancies but when it's your own it seems to drag! That doesnt make sense but ah well.

    Yes u do here a lot of sad stories about early babies but there are some positive ones as well. My oh's sister was born weighing 1lb 10oz and she's now 23. xxx
  • Hi my friend gave birth at 27weeks to a beautiful baby girl Lily-Mae Grace, she weighed in at 1lb 15oz and although it was hard for all the family she pulled through, was a lil fighter and shes now 18months old and no different to anyother child that age. Medical science is amazing these days, but i wudnt worry ur just prob experiencing braxton hicks, ive bin having quite a few as well and im only 21wks. Kerry xxx
  • Thats brilliant - good to know babies have a good chance of being ok!

    Kerry, just read your post on 'is there ever a right time' you are in a similar situation to me doing a course, being pregnant and already having a little one to look after! Bloody hard work innit!!?? lol

    At least most of our hard work will get done now so we can enjoy a peaceful life later in life eh? lol
  • Thats wat im hoping for a nice peaceful life later on, ha ha ha. Yeah its very hard work but it will all be worth it, especially wen i finish my corse in may adn then finish for mat leave in june, then its just me and my babies for nine whole months, lovely. Kerry xxx

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