nipples feel like freezer burn

hi - im new this is the third time ive been pregnant, i have a beautiful 9yr oold girl and the other pregnancy sadly miscarried in the very early weeks. Each time i am pregnant my left nipple is soooooooo painful it feels like someone is spraying an aerosol directly onto it from close range. the tip of the nipple also goes white. anyone know what this is called? does anyone else suffer from it and more importantly how do i make it STOP?!?


  • i get it and i don't think you can stop it. iv'e asked this before but know one realy knows how to make it go away. your lucky it's only your left both mine hurt and it's very very sore. dont know whats it's actualy called my my medical name for it is pain in the f#@?$n a*s.
  • hahaha i eased it a bit last night with a warm bath and some cotton wool in the bra. i know its personal but are you big boobed mine are bigger than my bloody head normally so you can imagine how big theyve gotten, i wonder if its a big busted womans problem. xx
  • suffer exttremely painful nipples that if they get cold get worse! just brushing them it causes probs! i can't sleep bra less or oh knocks them all the time and yes i'm big busted! i've grown at least one cup size and i'm only 14 weeks today lol
  • Mine are ok until i get cold then oh my life i am in sooo much pain. So really sympathise with you all.
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