It's going sooooo slowly

It feels like I've been pregnant forever, time is just dragging and I'm only 16 weeks, I can't wait to get to the halfway point at least, I think by that point I'll beable to see the end of it, I'm soo impatient though and I just want to have my baby already, I'm due at the beging of November and I feel like I'm missing out on the summer months with a lol, I think I'll time it better for baby number 2 lol and go for a spring baby. I supose it could be worse, elephants are pregnant for 2 years lol.


  • I feel exactly the same! I'm 16 wks tmw and due on the 7th Nov...its bump has started to show and I am sure I can feel ''flutters''..
    my sister told me off yesterday and said not to ''will'' away the time as you will miss it when the baby arrives!
    ..i have started to try and plan things to look forward to next year..a holiday etc to keep my mind busy...its difficult though as there is nothing to do at work and I am sooo bored!!

  • Im 26+3 and its started to drag bigstyle image

    95 days to go and counting.........................
  • I found I go through phases - I found the period between 16 weeks and second scan go very slowly then it flew till about 26 weeks - then it dragged again to 30 weeks and now it seems to be flying again!

    You still have all the kicking and wriggling to look forward to as well - it doesn't drag all the time - I promise!

    Lianne 32+5

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  • I found after 12 weeks it went really quickly and all of a sudden I wa 20 weeks but now its gone soooo slooooowly since then. I'm 26 weeks and counting!
  • I'm getting fed up too. I've only got 15 days to do before my induction so I shouldn't be moaning really. But I feel so big and tired all the time! The period when we moved house went quick as we were so busy organising and setting things up (which took about 4 weeks to get settled) But after that I got so bored again/ I think the key is to keep busy and mind focused on something before you get too big to move!!!!

  • Iv'e found it has gone really fast, ive had lots of things happening, we had a really busy christmas then we had a holiday, moved house,and a few weekends away. So i havent had time to think about it, now im suddenly 33 weeks and wondering where the time has gone! Nothing to keep me occupied now, so i think this last bit will drag. Keep yourselves busy, it will soon fly by. x
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