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hi ladies, just visiting from ttc and wanted to pick your brains!!! Im 5 dpo and I had some slight but very definite spotting this morning. did any of you get spotting/implantation this early? trying not to get my hopes up but never got this before and its way to early to be af (last cycle was 32 days, only on cd21)


  • hi hun never had anything that early. but iv got bfp and by my dates im 6weeks pregnant but epu said i maybe earlia as iv pcos and my periods vary with date any way iv been getting bit spotting. so what your getting could be implanation bleed good luck x
  • thanks crystal, ive been following your posts and praying for you. really hope everything is ok.
  • hello,on my first pregnancy i had a implantion bleed at 7DPO and it lasted for 5 days,this pregnancy ive had nothing,good luck


  • thanks fall3n ang3l, love your ticker.
  • Hi, I had implantation spotting with both my pregnancies (one I miscarried, 2nd i'm now 24 weeks in) with both pregnancies i had spotting just before my missed period, it was more of a pinky mucas.

    It sounds like a positive sign for you, but 5 dpo is maybe a bit soon, but i've learnt that different women have different symptoms or have them at different times to others, so maybe your body was just acting fast?!?

    Really hope it's good news for you, I know the wait is agonising, but I recommend to try and wait till at least 1 day past your due date before taking a test, otherwise you may waste a fortune on p t for no reason, the early predictors are too risky anyway and you'd probably end up buying a new one past your due date to double check.

    Fingers crossed xx

  • I thought it seemed a bit soon too suzy q but I guess where ttc is concerned its never as straightforward as we want it to be. Im definitely going to wait til after af is due, thanks for the reply.
  • sorry ladies, back to annoy you all again!!
    ff has changed my ov date so spotting was actually 8 dpo, not 5. Does that mean its more likely that it was implantation?
  • well mine was 7DPO and your is a day later so it could be a good sign,still keeping fingers crossed for you



  • Sounds good to me, you don't usually get spotting in a normal cycle do you - look out for enlarged boobs or any other possible symtoms too. Mine didn't hurt, but felt like they were water balloons lol, then I had spotting and I knew I was preggo before I even took the test.

    I just had a look back at my chart, and I had spotting 8 dpo.
  • thanks again ladies, dont normally get spotting at all, especially not this early in my cycle, fingers crossed i'll be joining you all in here very soon!!!!
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