Amazing Midwife Appointment

Hi All,
Just had a meeting with my new midwife practice and I am SOOO thrilled.
I really want a home birth and have done all the way through, however in South London, it is a bit of a lottery. At Kings they have a number of different midwifery services, the standard community midwife care and three high care level practices who give a greater continuity of care and encourage home births.

Sadly I automatically fell under the community midwife service. I am sure that they are great. don't get me wrong. I only had one appointment with the community midwife and she was perfectly nice, but didn't want to answer my questions about home birth and was clearly rushed. But when I tried to get a 26w appointment as she had told me to do, I couldn't get an appointment until I would have been 28w.

A local friend suggest that I try to get on to one of the other midwife led practice and explain that I wanted a home birth, and luckily one of them has taken me on. I had my first meeting with them today , at home (which in london is almost unheard of!) She talked me through everything, gave me a pager number that I can contact her or the two others in her team at any time. Over the next month I will meet the two other midwives in the team so that I can build a relationship with all of them so that I will definitely know the person who arrives at the door when I am in labour. She stayed an hour and booked an appointment for 2 in two weeks time and explained that I will have a birth talk at 34W to go through everything about a home birth. They even hire out birthing pools!

It all feels so much more real now, and I already feel that I can trust them at a home birth 100x more than before.
Sorry for rambling post! Just SOOOO excited !!!!


  • Wow mrsrc that sounds fab, im kind of jealous lol!!! So glad it sounds like you'll get the birth you want and feel comfortable with them.
  • Thats briliant good for you. Im hoping on a home birth this time too. I think the home birth mw seem to have more time for you. Great that you have a level of trust already. x
  • Awww honey thats fantastic news! I'm so pleased for you that you're getting the birth you want, and that your midwife was so lovely! xxxxxxx
  • Thanks Girls,
    I cant stop telling people about it. My poor mum has had me gushing down the phone and dh is probably dreading coming home to hear it al over again. I guess its just such a relief!

  • I am really pleased for you and so glad they are positive and helpful with regards to homebirth in your area - no wonder you're so excited. I wish they had the same kind of attitude in my area.
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