how can this be????

accroding to people in work i still dont have a waddle while others say i do.

i'm nearly 30 weeks but how can i waddle and not waddle at the same time?


  • Hehe!

    Some people just feel the need to comment on pregnant women, in the same way that if you're mowing your lawn it's guaranteed that someone will say "you can do mine next once you're done." I think it's just because it's such a visually apparent thing and so a good conversation point.

    I think "the" waddle people refer to is only once the baby's head has engaged and you feel like there's a football between your legs. Unless you've changed the way you walk to accomodate your changing centre of gravity, I suppose.

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  • try not to let it get to you. i think it's one of those things that people feel they must comment on your new found shape while you pregnant. they can't just let you walk past without commenting on either the size of your bump, how much weight you have or have not put on or which way your carrying. Thats what i found the strangest experince while i was pregnant, people i hardly knew felt perfectly happy to make comments on random parts of my body, something they would never dream of doing to my non-pregnant work colleagues.

    You waddle if you want, and do it with pride.

  • im walking exactly the same as i normally do, only 2 people claim that i have a waddle. one women was actually really annoying this morning, she said 'oh your waddling at long last, i'm you are its about time' WTF!?!?!?
  • how rude! i waddle but thas because of the pain from spd not just pregnancy. overdid it today putting things right for the nursery. dh was putting stuff in the loft and i was packing, ooh can hardly sit!
    Filo x
  • just had a guts full of being 'public property'. cant wait until i finish work 8 weeks on friday then i wont have to see them anymore
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