Found out that I was expecting again last week after the loss of our first last Sept, I am about 4 wks and 3 days - very early I know, i have tried to put things at the back of my mind but I am really worried as I dont feel pregnant apart from tender boobs!
I really want the weeks to fly past and wish I hadnt found out so early on...
Also I need a couple of bits of advice;
1 - Going grey and need to dye my hair, last time I used the recommended (from this website) Daniel Field product as its natural - but should I wait until Im 12 weeks and stop being so vain?
2 - My GP said they would fax through a referral last Thrusday for an early scan due to MC last Sept, they also told me to phone the hospital which i did - they didnt call back so I called again today and again was told they would call back - should I just be patient and wait for them to call?
3 - Anyone lese had an early scan and if so how many weeks were you?
Thanks everyone


  • Hello, congratulations!!! I had an early scan at 6+5 and the heartbeat was found easily, I didn't even need an internal scan. I would call the hospital in a day or two and chase the appointment, but that is only because I'm so impatient!

    I dyed my hair at 6 weeks because I didnt know you couldn't (load of crap if you ask me...) but I think the only reason they advise you not to is in case the dye doesn't 'take' very well as this can be a problem. If its only to cover greys though, you should be fine, just no drastic changes just in case it all backfires! xxx
  • thank u, Im just really emotional at the moment and worried.
  • I was the same, I hated the first 3 months, I think everyone does. But it is over soon enough hun. Try not to worry - it's very unlikely you'll miscarry again xxx
  • thanks 'tiger Lily', the hair dye I have got is a natural product (you can only get it from Sainsburys or online) and it has no amonia etc in it so it should be okay, its my birthday on Friday (32! ahhh) so want to cover up those grey hairs before my friends come over! lol
    I may call the hospital again tomorrow if I feel like I have today.
    Thanks for the advice, I really dont know what I would do without this website!
  • thanks Sukina that helps, good luck with your pregnancy, I think I will chase up the hospital tomorrow.
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