Bit of advice for a ttc girl please!!

Hey girls am having a bit of a dilema!!! Did a pg test 2day put it on the side and jumped in the shower, got dried and dressed etc...went to put the test in the bin and checked b4 and cud c a faint line!! Now the test says after 10mins ur not meant to look so am now totally confused, so was wondering if anyone had got a positive like this and have been pg!!! Am in limbo now, got a test for 2morrow and am guna be gutted if its neg and dont understand how it can show positive and not be! Any advice?


  • I had happen to me once. I did test and it was neg then 2 hours later when i went to through it out it was a bright blue line. I nearly died!!! I WAS NOT preg though! Sorry!!! How long had you left it and did it come up neg within the 5 mins or did you get straight in shower and are not sure when it came a postive??
    Test tom and watch it for 5 mins but after that take no notice of reading.
    Best of luck and baby dust to you
    d x
  • Don't get your hopes up but it did happen to me and when I tested again after a couple of days it was posative. I'm not very patient so the wait was awful- keep us posted!!
  • Well I'd thought I was pregnant a few (scary!) times before I actually was so I would do a test and the negatives always stayed negative! (Didn't chuck it out until my dad would go out and I could bury it at the bottom of the bin, so they'd be left a while)
    When I did the test that came up BFP the second line was there in a matter of seconds, and that was 4 days before I was due af.
    Just wait until tomorrow, there's nothin else u can do! Use a First response or clearblue and test with morning wee so it's more certain.
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! Philippa 15wks! xxx
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