hi girls

over the past couple of days i have started to get really dizzy so much so i keep thinking im gonna faint its always after something like just now i had a shower and it took me an hour coz i kept needing to sit down and yesterday it was after sex (sorry tmi!!) im not aniemic (sp) and my blood sugar is fine im 30+2 today
what could it be??


  • How weird i was jst bout to write a post bout bein dizzy as wel!
    I've got no idea y it is tho, altho i did read sumwhere it's cos of how the baby is lyin, dunno if that's true. Hopefully sum1 else wil know
  • Have you mentioned this to your carers?

    Perhaps you should have the shower colder? Read in a book that the reason you get dizzy is due to your blood circulation not being so good and can be affected by heat or getting up suddenly etc?

    Sorry I am no help really, but think you should mention it to your midwife if its happening often.
  • hi ya ! its probably cos you have low preassure ? i would speak to your midwife ...!?!

  • Yup - most probably low blood pressure. I suffer with this anyway so almost always suffer from dizziness and vertigo, but in pregnancy it's so much worse. Loads of people with usually normal bp can get it. Not a lot you can do except sit down when feeling dizzy and taking things easy.

    Also eat little and often and make sure you drink plenty of water.x
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