Faint BFP's after 9 days?!?!!? HELP!!

Hi wondered if anyone could help??

I did a preg test on the 25th July, & got a faint BFP result, I then did a CBD & got a pregnant, so thought it must be fine, but I went to the EPU 9 days later & they did there test, & thought it was BFN at first, then they decided it was a very faint BFP, so my confusion... If I did my test on the 25th & it was faint, surely 9 days later the test line should of been alot darker?????

I also got my bloods back the day I went to the EPU, my HCG levels were 1400, which MW said is deff pregnant??

Anyone got any advice for me???? xxx


  • Sorry not July, October!!!! lol x
  • hey butterfly

    try not to worry too much, i know its easier said than done, but maybe the test u used at home was more sensitive than the ones they have in hospitals? i know a lot of gps etc tend not to bother doing their own tests as hpts tend to be far more reliable now, especially as ur blood levels are indicating a viable pregnancy.

    i hope this helps a bit




  • Sorry i don't know anything about hormone levels etc but try not to worry-im sure everything is fine. Counting down the days until monday-it'll soon be here x
  • Thanks girls!!

    Yes Siany that has helped, I'm a born worrier!!

    Not long until Monday now!!!!!

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