Hi, I'm back!!

Hi everyone,

Can i join you? I've just found out i'm pregnant again! only 3 days late off my period. Think i'm due xmas day by my dates!!!!!!

Just had my last baby 6 months ago so quit a small gap, this will be my 5th baby, but my oh also has 3 girls too!! omg 8 kids between us!

had 2 homebirths before but not sure what will happen this time because my last one weighed 10lb 4oz!

I really hope this time it's a girl then we can stop then, although i have a girl from an ex we have only had boys together.

Michelle xx


  • Congratulations! 8 kids - you must be a superhero x
  • Wow, so many children, i really admire you this is my second and i have vowed to have no more. Congratulations on ur pregnancy and ur lil xmas bundle, wishing u a happy and healthy nine months. Kerry xxx

  • wow - bet get togethers r great round ur house!!

  • wow 8 children! Congratulations on your pregnancy. I admire you having such a small gap! This is my second and there will be nearly 5 years between them, planning one more after this and will probably have at least 2 years gap!
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