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fao calleigh

hi there,i was just reading a post ...totally gatecrashing as usual and i saw u said u live in blackburn image u having your lo in queens park?? image i lived in clitheroe for 5 years and my lil sis just had her twins who are in nicu there now image small world :lol: xxx


  • My post went! grr

    anyway, yes i live in bburn. i have asked for a home birth though, so they are bringing the kit this week as i am 36+6. i dont have anything against going in, but want to keep my options open! i hope the twins are thriving.

    i actually go to a bumps and babies meet in clitheroe, although snow has prevented me from going for 2 weeks. so annoying.

    and i was actually thinking it may be time to move, since bburn has been on TV twice recently, with the man delievering his own baby and then last weeks my big fat gypsy wedding!
  • m y post isnt even showing up now!
    come on BE get your act together!
  • hehe,i love it when i feel i "know"someone on here :lol: i went to ribblesdale high school,i wonder if we know the same people if u go to bumps and babies in clitheroe ,i know quite a few with babies :lol: the twins are doing fab image i have to say blackburn is a mahoosive hospital i cant believe how big it is now they have merged to 2 of them image ... xx
  • my sister works there too. i dont really know people at bumps and babies yet (terrible with names - although i can tell you about the prams!). i will hopefully get to know a few more people this week! there were only 2 of us bumps there last time, everyone else seemed to know each other well as they all had babies.
  • aww im chuffed babys sister image fab to see someone from the same area image xxx
  • hello pinktwinnies! how are the girls.
  • :lol: donna do u just come to see if ive had any posts :lol:image ...think we are coming over sunday image xxx
  • the girls are doing great image maybe home in a week but should defo be home in 2 weeks image yippppeeee.. calleigh r u on facebook?? xx
    chuffed baby yes i do just come on and see where you have posted :lol: even better you are coming tomorrow yeh ?? :P xxxxx
  • i am on facebook. i take it you are!
  • :lol: calleigh she is addicted to facebook :lol: xxx
  • i have it open now so could add her, then you can delate her name straight away chuffedbaby2.
  • add me if u like aswell lisa owen ,pic of donna's girls ...she is donna marie image also pic of the girls i think xxx
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  • where are you?!

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  • names removed image

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  • no cant find either of you.

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  • Hi ladies!!

    Sorry to hijack your thread but Im in Longridge!!! lol

    Never 'meet' anyone from round here!

  • calleigh shall i try to find you ?? ...mgm mummy isnt it nice when u "meet" someone from the same area image xx
  • i emailed you!
  • MG mumy r u on facebook?? i ask because im better at facebook then on here also im a bit wary of the whole troll thingy that sometimes occurs on here!! xxx
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