sick bug i feel so ill...

hello every1 ive got this bug and its vile i was sick thursday and started again thismorning im nearly 29 weeks now and om worryed tht me pukeing is gonna harm amy cos shel end up dehydrated if im being sick i want food cos of the pregnancy but the bug wont let me il puke wen i eat so i cant win please help any advice needed xxx:cry:


  • Hi love,

    when I was being sick a lot the MW and doctor told me the baby would be fine she gets all her goodness from you and it would only be me that suffered.

    I would say if your not keeping any food or drink down though for 24 hours to see your doctor as sometimes they put you on a drip just to make sure you have enough fluids.

    I hope you feel better real soon.

    K xx
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