Help!!!! Arrrgghhhh!

Just taken delivery of my new maternity seatbelt - after taking advice off this site.

It arrived with no instructions (!) but after I think I had figured it out.........I find that when the bit tied round to the back of the seat, doesn't fit into the bit on the bottom of the seatbelt... without opening my legs really wide ( Neighbour in his kitchen got a real eyeful!!) and then trying to 'plug' it in.

I am wearing a dress today, and all the pictures on the internet have women in trousers.

Am I being dense, or can't you use one wearing a dress? If this is the case, I will send it back, as I don't really wear trousers, but I will be really disapointed as I thought the seatbelt was the responsible thing to do, and don't really want to send it back.

Anyone got one and can advise??

Now I have got one, I want to use it, and don't want to tempt fate by not wearing it..... but cant get the bottom bit to tie to the car, and can't understnad how it works wearing a dress???

Anyone got one???



  • oh dear! sorry luvy, i dont have any advice as have never even seen one of these! where did you get it from? isn't it silly that it came without instructions!!!!!
    hope you figure it out soon
  • Sounds like a Krypton factor challenge! ;\)

    (Not sure if i'm the only one old enough to get that?)

    Sorry I cant help - I'll be wtahcing the replies though as I was going to get one.
  • No worries ladies.....

    Hopeful I'll get a reply, but I'll phone the company tomorrow and I'll let you know!

    Sam xx
  • Let us know how you get on as I was going to get one, I don't do instructions, usually make OH read them and give me a basic idea what to do after! Redpod - I remember krypton factor!! Used to be on TV on Monday nights!

  • Just an update.

    I have just phoned the company I bought it from, and they confirmed that you can only wear them with trousers. Have to say if I knew that I wouldn't of bought one.

    Having said that, the lady I spoke to was lovely, and said I could return it, and exchange it for a bump belt, which you can wear with anything........

    They are not that widely available ( boots and Halfords no longer sell them ) but I got mine from here

    Sam xx
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