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My first post on here so here it goes!!!

I have found out that I am pregnant (approximately 5 weeks) according to internet calulators and clearblue digital tests. I had a misscarriage at the beginning of january but i must have only been about 5 weeks then as well - i am obviously so so scared that im going to loose it again but thats not why im posting this thread!

I phoned my doctors this morning to see what I had to do, last time they said i would have to bring in a sample for them to confirm although this time they said that if a clear blue had come up positive with its 3+ weeks that should be good enough and booked me an appointment for Tuesday.

Although in some places it says you shouldnt see your doctor until your second missed period. Am i going to soon as somebody else mention that if i see a doctor then i wont be going down the midwife route? Im just very confused and hoped somebody could give me some advice?

Could somebody also advise whether the constant nausea and adversion to food at the moment is my nerves or the pregnancy?

Thanks in advance Hayley:\?:\?


  • Just answering myself as it didnt seem to appear in the forum
  • Hi Hayley

    Most doctors these days will not bother to do a pregnancy test if you have done one and have got a positive. Home tests are believed to be so reliable these days that they don't worry about it.

    Book yourself a doctors appointment and get the ball rolling. The doctor will then refer you to a midwife for subsequent checks.

    Sounds like your symptoms are confirmation of your bfp!

    Good luck with your pregnancy.

  • I did a cheap tesco test when I was about 4 days late and then booked a Dr appt within the week as BFP. They didn't see the need to do another test as the home tests are so reliable when positive. Its a case of if its positive its positive, there is sometimes doubt when negative depending on how early you do them.

    So as Harry says, book an appt with your Dr who should then get you sorted with a midwife.

    As for the sicky feeling, get used to it, it could last several motnhs I'm afraid! x
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