Body Casting Kits?

Hey hey,

Ive seen these things in an arty type hair dressing shop in Kentish Town... you can take a belly cast of your bump and boobs when your big enough for it to be worth while they have them really beautifully decorated... Id love to get one done! (which I will image) and hang it on the nursery wall! you can get there little feet and hand prints on a small round plack in the middle of it with there date of birth or a pretty pattern... I really think they are lovely! and will LOVE getting it done!

I just wondered has any one else done it? what do they think ect??imageimageimage


  • Hey!
    I'm going to get one to do a cast of my belly/boobs and then one to take an imprint of her tiny hands & feet.
    When are you due?
    I'm waiting until I'm 8 months although I'm dreading having a permanent reminder of how much my belly button is sticking out!! Dunno if might work out cheaper for you but they do the belly kits in argos and I think they are only about ??15.

    Good luck!
  • oh really... i think its about ??50 in this shop but i might get my best friend to do it she is a beautiful artist!
    thanks for the info!! xx
  • im hoping to get a diy one done when im bigger! might be a bit scary to see how big i was tho!!! lol!! its a really good idea tho. grace and baby 26 weeksxxx
  • in did a body cast kit with my last and got it from the baby show in london for a tenner!!! it was great fun but can be a bit agonizing when u need to sit still for half an hour while drying......i'm a bit sad and like to try it on every now and again just to remember how big i got!!!
  • I work at TK Maxx and we are having a nursery event just now. In my store we have bodycasting kits and just about everything else you need. I know people either love or hate TK Maxx but some of the names have great savings on them. It will depend on the size of your local store and the stuff in ours is selling fast but worth a look if you like shopping and saving! xx
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