downs blood tests help!!!

i am 15 weeks and have been trying to book in with my local midwifes at doctors for blood tests for downs and spinal bifida but my doctors are booked up for the next hospital doesn't do the nuchual scan just bloods. do u think i could have the bloods done at my hospital? tried ringing but no answer at moment. is there anywhere else that will do it in need to do it withing next few weeks. or will i have to end up going private and paying?? any help will be great! xx


  • I would keep trying your hospital and also get back on to the doctors as I can't remeber the time frame that you have to have the test done by. Sure its between 16 & 20 weeks, but might be wrong! Keep nagging them though!
    Tammi xxx

  • It's terrible that your midwife hasn't booked this up for you. I didn't have the blood tests as I paid to have the combined nuchal scan and blood test done privately but at my booking in appointment my midwife asked me if I wanted this and she would have booked it there and then if I'd said yes. I already had my nuchal scan booked for the following day so I knew that I didn't need it. I do hope you have some luck soon xxxx
  • In our area you get it at your 16 week mw appointment, if you want it of course. I think everywhere should do the nuchal scan as part of the 12 week scan though, because some women might want a termination & after 16 weeks it must be very traumatic. I mean it must be at any stage but especially late on. Sorry, just putting my two pence in lol xxxx
  • So you not have a routine appointment with your midwife at 16 weeks? I know everywhere does things differently but I had this booked in after my first appointment and she just asked me then if I wanted the blood test done. We don't get the nuchal fold test here but I thought they would normally offer this at a routine 12 week scan. So no separate booking then. And likewise I assumed that the blood tests are offered at a routine 16 week midwife appointment.

    You do only have a limited time frame if you want it done so if they offer it normally I would be asking why you haven't...

  • hi i don't have a 16 week midwife appointment! i saw her at 11 weeks and then had bloods took at my hospital after my scan at 12 weeks. she told me at my first appointment that i have to book into the midwife clinic at the doctors to have bloods took for the tests they have a clinic and they only do it twice a week. she told me to get booked in for when i was 17 weeks. i didn't think they would get booked up so quick!! i can't have the scan done privately now as i'm 15 weeks. the scanning bit at my hospital is separate from the main hospital and is now closed!! i have been ringing from 3.30 but they never answered!ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm so stressed! i really want the blood test done. i don't think i see midwife again til 24 or 28 weeks i'm not sure if she'll contact me or if i'm expected to arrange a booking with her for then! i thought i was suppose to see midwife more than this i have seen her once!! am so pissed off!! i'll ring hospital tomorrow i really hope they can fit me in and do the bloods i'll try ringing my midwife again but her phone is switched off i have numbers for some more community midwifes so i'll try one of them! xx
  • phew i've sorted it!! i have 7 midwife numbers all the phones were switched off except the last one! she said it is a major problem at my doctors as they haven't go enough midwifes and are getting booked up so quick! i think its disgusting i also have to book all my appointments to see the midwife myself so the next one is for 22 weeks so i need to book in now at docs just to be able to get an appointment for then! she said there is a drop in centre near my house that has a midwife and between 10-12pm every friday morning they take bloods for u so they will do it! so i'll go down this friday! iam so relieved i was starting to painic! i just didn't realise how booked up my doctors was to see midwifes! so next week i'll get an appointment so i get a 22 week book in then. i thought midwifes rang u book it with u i didn't realise i had to do everything!! xx
  • Well done, it pays to keep nagging!!!
    Tammi xxx

  • That sounds awful! In my area I saw my midwife at 10 (booking in), 16, 20, 25, 28, 31 weeks. And this is just routine for low risk pregnancy. I never had to book any of the appointments myself or anything, we just arrange the next appointment when I'm there. Can't believe how much some people have to chase everything up, it's mad. You should have more appts then that because something could be wrong or whatever, I had high BP at my 16 week check that turned out to be nothing but still at least they kept an eye on me. xx
  • Have a look a the NICE guidelines - these set out the minimum standards that your local NHS should offer. All NHS areas have to offer you some sort of screening for downs - this varies from area to area but if you think your in danger of not being offered anything then shout loudly and quote the NICE guidelines.
  • My midwife is like Tiger Lily's, she makes the appointments in advance. I told doctors was expecting and they just said the midwife would ring me and I didn't need to see a doctor. The midwife rang when I was about 6 weeks and she made me my booking in appointment and then when I went again she made the next appointment and so on. She did my downs test too. Although the only day she works at my doctors is a Thursday afternoon so all my apointments have got to be then. A bit awkward at times but at least I get to see her.
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