Can anyone make me feel better??

Hello ladies

Just wanted some people to talk to!
I am so down at the moment, I feel like crying all the time!! Don't get me wrong I have my good days but lately I've been experiencing "bad" days where I feel so useless and I just cry. I don't know why I am feeling like this although my hormones are obviously not helping. I find myself picking arguements with my oh and he's so brilliant, he just doesn't deserve it.
Just wondering if anyone else experiences these "bad days" and wondering what you do to make yourself feel better.
I have my next midwife appointment on 4th and will obviously mention the way I have been feeling, in the mean time I just need some people to maybe assure me that me being so down sometimes is pretty normal.



  • hi clare, i can completely sympathise with you as i have felt like this throughout my pregnancy. im countin down the says till baby arrives because iv just not enjoyed been pregnant. i usually come on here, or go in the bath or go round to my mates. i put it down to such a big change in my life, anxities bout the baby and iv physically not been so good. if there is anything that you can identify as the reason you are feelin down and try and work on that but definately mention to the midwife. mines keepin an eye on me in case its antenatal depression, damn hormones. i love this baby so much and it frustrates me that i feel like this. i dont know if this has helped or made you feel hope you feel better soon. xxx
  • Hello clare

    im 39+2 weeks preg and today im having a bad day too. ive had them for the past couple of months but they come and go. my partner comes home at lunch tme and i used to cry when he left as i felt so lonely , fat , sad just all these mixed emotions and the only person who made me feel better was my OH and when i finished up on matleavei hated that he had to go to work but assoon as he was back and at the weekends i flt alot better. he was so understanding when i used to be moody and snap at him and trust me i napped for the lttest things bu he turned it round and always made me laugh. our OH know that we dont mean to be moany and moody it just comes with th hormones the best they can do is not anser bck just let you rant then give u a tight cuddle after it. i was forever saying sorry but he understood.
    your bad days will come and go hunni its just the joys of beig preg but its good to know what makes you feel better as it helps like if its just talking to your oh give him a call wen ur having a bad moment thats what i did or mars ice creams mmmm they done the trik too lol
    hope your feeling better soon sorry for going on an on lol
  • Hi hun I know how you feel. I have down days too and I deal with it by just taking time out when I can feel myself getting wound up. I have a 4 year old daughter and sometimes I can feel myself getting cross with her for no real reason (except she is a chatter box and talks constantly from the minute she wakes up to the minute she falls asleep and it gets on my nerves sometimes!) and I just have to settle her down with a dvd or a book and leave the room for ten minutes until I've calmed down. Its the same with my husband, if I feel myself getting to boiling point he usually can tell and tells me to go upstairs for ten minutes or I tell him I'm feeling cross and to just leave me alone for a little while.
    I'm counting down the days until this baby is born! I'm really scared about getting post natal depression because I had it with my first and it was awful, I felt like I hated her for the first year of her life until I saw a doctor and was diagnosed but I'm on the look out for it this time.
    Pregnancy is such a huge upheaval emotionally and physically, its only natural you have mood swings and feel down sometimes.
    Hope you feel better soon, dont worry though its completley normal hun.
  • Thankyou so much,
    I had a good cry whilst reading your responses. My oh is brilliant with me but his problem is that he does bite back sometimes... he backs down after a while and my usual apologises flow out. He understood about the mood swings at the early stages of my pregnancy but I think he thinks they should've stopped all together now and that I shouldn't use my hormones as an excuse. It does hurt me sometimes, he knows I am not usually the horrible person I can be when I am having a bad day so how couldn't it be my hormones changing me?!
    I can relate to feeling better when actually being around my oh (it is usually through the day when we are work when I start to pick bones)

    I can't thankyou enough for taking time to respond to my "moaning" you have made me feel better (for now hehe)
    Looking forward to seeing my midwife and her to reasurring me too, in the meantime you guys have done a fab job so THANKYOU xxxxxx
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