Omg underage and pregnant on bbc3

I cannot believe what I am watching.
They are feeding a 10 week old rusk. The way she was taking it looked like she had been having it a while!
How disgraceful is that!

Her friend asked her what the worst part is and she said night feeds cos her sleep is her sleep and the best part is when the baby is asleep.

I know having a baby is hard but this girl is taking no responsibility at all her mum does 90% of the care!

I know it's hard with a newborn my son was like an owl! Lol! Would not sleep at night at all! Sleeps better now thankfully but is now a cockerel up at the crack of Dawn!! Lol

Anyone else watching it?



  • I watched that one last week i think and i thought it was awful, during the night she wud just prop the bottle up with a blanket to feed her baby. I know its hard having a baby young but that is just wrong xx
  • i watched that one and i really wanted to slap her!

    i fell asleep so many times in the night while feeding my son but i would never have propped the bottle up for him!

    the other episodes have made me laugh the 15 year old girl who said "i never tidy my room, my mum will tidy my room when the baby comes" and my favourite of that episode "i was taking the pill but it was like so confusing"

    but the best line of the series. the girl who was having her 2nd, when talking about finding out the sex.. "we wanted it to be a suprise. its not really a suprise though because its either a boy or a girl. it's only gonna be a suprise if its like a chicken or something like that"...
    errrr ok love! please someone give her some contraception now!!!
  • I hated watching that one and think SS were right to get involved.

    The 1 girl that had two at 16 I thought her and her partner were good enough parents but just not in the ideal circumstances.

    I admired the one a couple of weeks ago though, Courtney it was her bf died when she was 8 weeks and she still went through and looked like she was an amazing mum, she was breastfeeding doing everything herself. and at the same time trying tp build a skate park in memory of her bf as it was his passion. Much different to the girl who fed her baby the rusk!

    I didnt like the fact she was in a FF carseat either was it just me or did she look too young?!

    I dont get that if you know you keep missing pills, use a condom or change contraception!
  • that one made me cry!
  • I saw one the other week with Courtney - it made me cry too! She was absolutely fantastic and tbh puts all the others to shame!

    It seems like a culture thing though in some areas. When you see the 'grannys' that are only just 30. Several kids no dads around and a comfy life on benefits. Its sad but you know its going to tough for the LOs to break that cycle after generations of young mums.

  • Oh I've missed this completley! Anyone know whether there are repeats on at all??x
  • Oh I've missed this completley! Anyone know whether there are repeats on at all??x
  • I've not seen it!

    I could never imagine having a child so young, but then I was a late bloomer and never interested in boys lol.

    I just hope to god my daughter is sensible when she grows up.
  • Well im a young mum and i HATE this programme.
    it gives young mums a bad name.
    I was 17 when i had my little boy so i werent quite as young but i feel there should be a programme showing young mums in a positive way as there are alot of young mums who are brilliant parents- better than some double their age!
  • I agree with Cherise91, im a teacher and ive known a few girls get pregnant and yes its not ideal for them or the baby but they have coped really well- 1 girl in particular is brilliant.
    Im a first time mum to be and i get worried if im going to be able to cope or get things wrong etc i assume we all do but imagine having that woryy so young along with knowing you are going to be judged and with people already assuming you are going to get it wrong.
    Not all teenage parents are great but lets face it not all adults are either.
    Hope this doesnt sound harsh and like a rant just think we need to look at all the aspects x
  • as much as it makes me laugh i hate how the programme makes it look as though teenagers are getting pregnant to get a flat and benefits.
  • I've only saw clips of it because to be honest, it depresses the hell out of me but you can see that in a majority of cases the parents are flipping useless so it isn't a big shock that these young girls don't know what to do themselves. If I asked my mum to clean my room at 15 let alone with a baby she'd give me a clip around the ear lol
    Wisher- can watch it on iplayer online x
  • with the one last night what made me angry was the fact it was her mum that told her to feed the 10 wk old rusk! to be fair though her sister was only a year or so older and had a baby too.

    my friend had a baby at 15 and she was an amazing mum. she looked after baby and still went to school. she was lucky that her mum didnt work at the time and could look after baby for the last year of school but as soon as she got home from school the baby was full time her responsibility.

    the courtenay one had me in tears the whole way through. she was an amazing girl and did so well despite what she had been through with her boyfriend. so sad.

    the programme isnt a true depiction of all girls that get pg at a young age. it makes you wonder why they agree to do a tv programme when its going to bring their whole parenting under nationwide scrutiny.

    there is no way i could of coped with a baby at 15 but then i did have a 3 year old brother and i was not interested in boys until i got to 17 ish.

    i had my son at 22 and that was a struggle. im now 28 and still scared sh!tless as to how i will cope.

  • I've not seen it at all but literally cannot stop belly laughing at the chicken comment.

  • thats the clip of the chicken quote
  • I hadn't come across this series until reading this thread but now watching on the iplayer... agree Courtnay has been through a lot and seems like a sensible girl. Megan however- ???!
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