Has any one used Lullabys in Gledrid, Chirk or heard any reviews? I was going to buy my pram etc on-line from them and wanted to check them out before spending that kind of money!
Lilou x


  • Hi there,
    I haven't had any experience with them myself but was wondering the same thing as I have been looking on the site as they do some quite good package deals with the prams/puschairs, car seats etc. It does work out quite a bit cheaper than going to say John Lewis and buying everything seperately.

  • I bought my Pram form them and they were excellent, I could even choose my delivery day! I called them at the last minute to change it as well. They were fab and very helpful x
  • Thanks very much gecko, that's great! Their packages are a lot less than other places.
    Lilou x
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