I have my 20 week scan 2moro!!

Hey Ladies and bumps.

Hope you are all well, The title says it really but i am so nervous coz i know its a big scan checking everything im not really sure what they check but i was told it goes on for about 40 mins? is that right?

sam 19+6 Woo Hoo! x


  • good luck for tomorrow, hope all goes well. xxx
  • Best of luck honey are you fining out the sex?

    K xx
    11 weeks today
  • good luck chick, r u going to find out if its a blue r pink bump?
    luv clare


  • Thank you, We found out when i was 16 weeks we went private we are having a boy image but i guess tomorrow we can make sure! lol x
  • Good luck for your scan, its so exciting.

    We had ours 2 weeks ago and we had to go in twice as she had to see the baby fill its stomach as the first time it was empty. If they complete all the checks they need though it could take as little as 20 minutes!

  • Thanks Ladies yeah i will let you know, the scan is at 11.35 and then we are off to kiddicare to play with the pushchair i think im set on lol! but then ill be straight on! xx
  • i need a trip to kiddicare! do u live close to it? my 20 week scan was about half an hour they check all sorts of bits and bobs. i must admit i got really bored of looking after about 15 mins lol! xx
  • Yes not far from it about half hour from my home or 15 mins from work image lol i think i could sit there all day but OH would get bored. Kiddicare disappointed me in the new store as there is not alot of baby clothes image but the pushchair section is ace! lol
  • Good luck for 2moro!! when i had my 20 week scan i was in there for about half hour image xx
  • Good luck for tomorrow - let us know how you get on!!
  • Thanks Ladies i will image xx
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