couple of questions....

how long did it take you to fall pregnant and when you did fall- when did u first start to show??
tres broody but getting married in aug so not sure when to start ttc!
advice and personal experiences v welcome!


  • it took me about 5months, i started showing slightly only around 3/4month but got married when was 4and a half month gone and dress covered bump perfectly xx
  • Heya, can only help you with second qu as my lo was an accident. I started to show at 10 weeks or so xxxx

  • Took me between 3-4 months to conceive when I came off the pill, then started showing after about 12-13 weeks. I would say maybe give it another month before you start- I'm guessing that you have a lovely wedding dress waiting for you and you could be one of the lucky ones that falls pg straight away! GL with it. = )
  • i had the iud removed and had a period 10 days later and then didnt get another. was pretty much the same for my daughter after coming off the pill. you can get some beautiful maternity wedding dresses nowadays. xx
  • hiya this lo wasnt planned, but id come off injection and fell two months later. I didnt start showing until about 21 weeks (so i was worried a little), but then i just exploded. every day i can see the diffference. good luck sarah 28weeks xx
  • took us 6 months i started showing properly with a proper bump at 16 weeks but had bloating from the start xx
  • I've also been bloated from the beginning, I'm 10 weeks today. I came off the pill at xmas and conceived on Valentines day!!!
  • Hi,
    I was due to be bridesmaid for my friend in July. everyone told me that it would take longer than we thought to get pregnant so we started trying straight away, thinking that even if we got pregnant at easter time i wouldn't be showing much. I'm now due my first baby 2 days before my friends wedding so will probably miss it as it is 100 miles from our home and I suffered such bad morning sickness there is no way i could have been bridesmaid even if it had of taken longer. it took only 6 weeks for us.

    i was only married in August and your wedding day is so special i'd really think hard about if you want to be pregnant on that one day.

    i also had to get bigger clothes from about 10 weeks
  • hi took 15 months last pg and just 3 this time. have bloating already and did last time but im only a sz 8 so its more noticable for me had a proper bump bout 15 weeks? x
  • It has only taken me a few months to catch last 2 and I show from 5 wks. Really no way I could hide a bump especially when you would be totally in the spotlight.
    Also I have just got married and it was the best day of my life, got my BFP 1 week later and from then on I was tired and quesy so would have spoilt the day if I had been any further on.
  • Hi, it took us a long time due to problems-but I am now nearly 15 weeks and have had a bump since 8 weeks!
  • We conceived the first month of trying and I was showing properly at around 12 weeks.
  • 1st month for us too! I was in maternity trousers from 12 weeks (no obvious bump but seemed to grow all over and just looked fat!) I am glad we waited until after the wedding as the first 14-15weeks I was so tired and nauseous.
  • First month of trying and I started to show around 17 weeks. xxx
  • came off the pill in october and conceived in Feb....

    im 10 weeks now and wearing size bigger clothes, had to buy new bras and got asked in tescos two weeks ago if i was pregnant because i looked it, so i guess im showing!!!
  • hi thanks for all your replies!!
    we have decided to wait until the end of june and then see what happens from there!
    good luck with all your pregnancies! x x
  • Hi Susan
    Got married in July last year and started TTC from wedding night, if it wasn't for the fact I had a MMC when we got back off honeymoon I think we would have conceived during the few days after the wedding or even on the night as that was my most fertile time. 2nd month no sucess but September we fell pregnant and expecting our first in just under 7 weeks. I'd been broody for so long before too but like Louise said your wedding day is a very special day and you don't want anything to spoil it, imagine if you had sickness all day or other symptoms so seriously think about all those things first. I started showing quite early with both baby bump and bloating before 12 weeks anyway but you can definitely get dresses that will hide a small bump. Also could you keep it secret?????
    Good luck hun.
    Em x
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