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Anyone else feeling a little disheartened that their baby isn't here yet?
I've been getting signs all week and still nothing

Fiona xXx

40 weeks tomorrow


  • im feeling disheartened too because everyone had been telling me that i would go early. im now 38+6 and had midwife today, only 4/5s palpable but i feel fine! ive had backache and the odd period cramp but things have quitened down so much!
    do u have an induction date yet? im dreading next fridays appointment as thats when i'll get mine. i know its only a date but its just the thought as i got induced with my first and really wanted a "natural" labour this time round!!

    really hope something happens for u soon hun!

    k x 38+6
  • Yes me! Im now five days overdue and very uncomfortable with no signs of anything starting soon.

    I have an induction date for next Weds but really want the baby to make an appearence before then.....

    40+5 - yes 5!! x
  • I don't have induction date yet but mw told me at last appt that Ill get it 12 days overdue. I will be having a sweep at Tuesdays mw appt though.
    I hope it doesnt come to being induced

    Im up at this ungodly hour (2.30) and having a terrible night. SO uncomfortable, irritable and achey AND have been getting a few pains again but nothing is happening. Im very frustrated
    I was hoping not to go over like I did with my daughter, she was a week late

    Fiona xXx

    40 weeks today!!
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