Hi everyone! havent been on for a while due to awful morning (more like all day) sickness. had a bad patch last few weeks and havent been enjoying my pregnancy. i cudnt keep anything down and was struggling with water, felt so week and felt so guilty on lo for not being able to eat and lost 9lbs in 4 weeks and my bmi shot down to 17!!!!! doc gave me 4 weeks off work to rest and fatten up and even tho im still strugling to eat a big meal im eating and my bump has finaly popped out (still tiny for a 17 week bump but its there!) and ive put 3lbs on. anyway, feel much better today and just wanted to tell someone image as oh is watching footie and is just nodding at anything i say lol
hope everyone else is doing ok xxx


  • haha yeah i no wot u mean, was finding myself with nothing left inside and just standing over the toilet making the noises lol. its weird, just feel so much better today and i think only people on here whos had bad sickness could understand how good it feels not to feel like crap. i had a constant headache for 2 weeks which went today too. still strugling with stodgey food, get that feeling like when youve ate too much but you try and eat 1 more bite and you heave trying to swallow it, so have been munching salad and fruit. how r u, u doin ok? xx
  • Hi glad your feeling better i had really bad sickness this time from 5wks to about 18wks was awful i could only just manage sips of water, i did find ginger biscuits a great help though have one and a little water before u even get out of bed for the bathroom in the morning that does help ease it off a little im 31+5 at the mo an my sickness has come back about 2 weeks ago so be prepared that might happen none of this happened with my first preg had normal sickness at beg thats all good luck and i hope it keeps at bay Sophie xx

  • i was given anti sickness tabs by doc and they helped but ive stopped them now as i can keep my cornflakes down image ive been drinking lots of water and last few nights have drank a 200ml bottle through the night, ive just been really thirsty. ive found i cant eat alot of the same flavour, like a big bowl of soup or bland foods. keep having to pick at diffrent flavourd things! must have a very fussy lo! na, havent really had many hot drinks, ill try an ovaltine tonight to ease tummy grumbles.
    have you or anyone had any sharp pains in erm...your bum? mine hurts really bad if ive been sitting down for a long time and turning over in bed, mw said its siatica (ignore spelling) but im not so sure
    sbradley - not long to go now hun, yeah i tried ginger buscuts but they wer a nightmare when they come back up lol. hope the sickness goes soon
  • Thankyou i cant wait now but cant stop panicking about the labour even though ive been through it once already i thinks it coz i know what to expect im hoping the sickness goes again too its hell trying to change the little ones nappy when she has done a numb 2 and the smell makes me even worse ive been sick so many times on the bedroom floor this last couple of weeks my daughter looks at my like im mad lol good luck to both of you wont be too long for u's now x

  • hi, yeh sickness is getting much better. ive been staying in bed until the worst feelings have gone. just crawled out of bed now and am tucking into some cheese on toast image
    ice cold water ive been going mad for too! little meals are defo easier to manage
    3 weeks to go lara! bet your excited!!xx
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