sex (way tmi)

i was having sex last night it was quite deep and very nice (sorry) lol but after we had finished i started gettin little pains kinda like id pulled a muscle
when i yawned my belly really hurt!
is this normal for this to happen?
ive got my bookin in appointment today with the midwife
im 10 weeks btw image


  • hi
    I read in a book that it's quite normal to get some cramps after you orgasm so I think you should be fine.
    Good luck with the midwife and congrats!
  • thanks hun! i think il dig my book out see what it says lol!
  • Yeah it is normal. The other day I wrote a post on here cos I had sex & it felt like something deep inside had torn! Now that was painful (and scary) but I called mw and she said if the pain stops shortly afterwards & ur not bleeding it's fine. Had my 20-week scan the following day and everything's going well x x x
  • awww did you find out the sex?
  • Yep I did, having a boy! x x
  • aww congrats hunny x x
  • hi all i have the same pain after sex and my midwife said to refrain from sex til after my scan just to be on the safe side im 8 weeks

  • Hiya.....I read in a book that if you orgasm it is actually good for the baby as it sends it nutrients etc!! I have been extra randy since i became pregnant so wanted to read up on the subject to make sure I wasn't harming the LO!
    I've had those pains sometimes and it says its your muscles retracting after sex and its perfectly fine.
    x x x
  • Hiya chick, I havent had many pains after sex but the otehr week i was using my vibrator (TMI!!!) and i had a real good orgasm and the pain after that was excrutiating! It was a real sore cramp that lasted about 10 minutes but that was before my scan so i know everything was ok! I wouldnt worry about it though! xx

  • yea they say when u orgasm the baby can feel your happy and he feels it too - look, it's a bit weird but if he feels happy then Lets do it!! lol j/k xx
  • Lol snow white, theres no way id give it up for the next 30 weeks anyway! hehe xx

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