pregnant again

Hi I have a 6 month old little boy called aiden who I adore, but I am pregnant again 16 weeks gone, it was not planned the pill did not work for me. When I found out i was pregnant I was not excited or anything, but I thought that was due to the shock and wiv only having my lo 6 months ago, but 3 months down the line I still dont feel anything towards the baby, and this worries me, I do want the baby, I am due my 20 week scan on may 6th and the midwife says that my feeling will change once I see the baby on the screen, I hope so, I am due to go back to work in may to, so with that and aiden to look after as well as the pregnancy I just so feel low and dont know what to do, my OH is very supportive.


  • Hi hun i am in sort of the same situation but my Lo is 20 months an im due in 31/2 weeks i felt the same when i first found out but as time went on and the baby moved and i saw her on the 20 wk scan my feelings soon changed i was caught on the pill both times im sure your feelings will change when you start to feel baba move and see them on the scan it was obviously meant to be else it wouldnt have happened hun good luck and im sure you will start to enjoy it Sophie 36+3 xx

  • Hi, my ds is 10 months and im currently 24 weeks pregnant. I felt the same as you at first. I was very shocked as i was on the pill , but as time has gone on im looking forward to it more. I have to say that the first scan did it for me. I have to admit it still doesnt seem real that in few months im going to have another lo to look after. But once that baby is here your feelings will change so dont worry too much about it at the mo.
    Hayley x
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