A Bath??

I read somewhere that you shouldn't take a hot bath.............

I am 10+2 and am desparate for a nice bath....... not read it i any books, but on a website somewhile ago, has anybody heard the same??

Just back from first appt with the M/W - where I had to have bloods done ( and I hate needles ) so I am a little stressed and could do with a relaxing bath......

Any advice???

Sam x


  • Hi
    You can have a nice warm bath its just advised not to have too hot a bath in early pregnancy. I have had lots of baths just made sure that they are warm and not hot like i used to have them!! xxx
  • Thanks huni

    Sam x
  • I agree - nothing beats a nice long soak in the bath - just don't have it too hot.
    Just you wait though, I can only have one when my oh is around now as I can't get in or out unaided!
    36 weeks yesterday and starting to resemble a beached whale!
  • Im the same as Rachel now 38 weeks and cant get one unless oh is here. I got in with the taps still on the other day and couldnt reach over to turn them off. Oh thought it was really funny. Ha bloody ha xxxx
  • oh, how funny..... poor you.... there could of been a flood!:0)
  • Hi, when I was pregnant my shower was broken so I had to have baths (just not too hot)...I think it helped moisturize my belly as I didn't get many stretchmarks. I read somewhere that it also helps you to bond with your baby if you sing/talk to your bump whilst in the bath as the water helps them to here your voice better/louder?!
    Good Luck with your pregnancy. x
  • Baths are fine as long as they are not too hot, I think its all to do with raising your blood pressure, I know hoqw you feel though I never really bothered with baths before but at the moment I'm craving a really hot bath. Oh well sacrafices Kerry xxxxxxxx
  • I looked into this coz I've got bad joints and would always (pre pregnancy) take majorly hot baths (where I would come out looking like a pruney lobster). Apparantly it's because the baby cannot regulate it's body temperature like we can (and there's an old wives tale that people used to use hot baths and gin to induce af in very early pregnancy). Can't remember now where I finally found the answer but I found that warm baths are fine and if you are worried use a thermometer and keep the temperature to 37 degrees which is body temp and still feels nice and warm, xxx
  • just to add my agreement - hot baths to be avoided in early pregnancy (along with things like sauna's). I understand that it's overheating in general (particularly in the first 7 weeks) that can cause problems.

    I'm gutted about this cos i love a really hot bath!
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