hey girls im off to look at buggys to day but dus any 1 no a good place to go in lincolnshire... only place i can think ov is precious little ones. i dnt want to go 2 mother care coz thy only have a small amont ov buggys and want to get the rite buggy this time with it being a double thanxs xxx


  • Do you have mamas and papas/john Lewis?
  • My friend got hers from john lewis in nottingham. Or theres toys r us in lincoln? although we went on sunday for toys for our friends child, did have quick look at buggys and it thats not brilliant, but i dont really know what to look for!!! What is precious little ones like?? I only live round the corner but havent been yet...think im gonna wait till im a bit further on, only 9+4!!
  • hi there no i didn't get my buggy 2day... i just went to look and no i am stuck between the icandy pear and the phill and teds... im really like the icandy pear atm so im unsure wot i will get :S xx
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