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Am I having a big baby?

hi ladies! I had An ultrasound today and was told at 34+4 weeks my baby is weighing already 6lb 3!! I’m so worried that I will be giving birth to a massive baby! Can they get these wrong? Does anyone know the accuracy of these ultrasound predictions From previous experience? 

Thank you xx


  • Plz don't worry I had to go for a scan because I was measuring under at 33 week when I had the scan I was told 2 wait for consultant who informed me I was having a very large baby 6.1 then I was given tests for diabetic and most have been a little talk in the unit as about 5 different people came and ask to examine the small bump with the big baby lol I was concerned but she said baby was fat and fat will push well getting to the end my baby was born at 40+3 at 7lb and she just looked like a dot so u really can't go by them scans same thing both sides has happened to a lot of people I no xx

  • That’s crazy!!! But this has put my mind at ease! i think I’ll just cut back on the amount of sugar I eat just in case, but they are sending me for a diabetic scan too on Monday! Praying everything will be ok! I can’t belive how off they were With you! Xx 

    thank you x

  • Yep the midwife also told me my next would be over 8lb and she was full term at 6.8 lol that assent a scan but my mum was told I was going to be under 5lb and I was 8.3 that was by scan it's happened to a lot of my family members my cousin had to have a caserian because her first was over 10lb and they scans were showing her around was a lot bigger and she was 8.1 so do t think u can really tell till there hear xx

  • I totally feel so much better reading this! I would rather not know as now I feel like I should start dieting Through the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy! and I know that’s a bad idea but I can’t help but feel like I’m to blame! Fingers crossed your right and it’s just a waiting game to see how big he actually will be! Thank you xxxx

  • Glad i have eased ur mind a little No don't diet just keep normal and see how ur diabetes test go im sure u will be fine xx

  • I just wanted to post again and let you know how completely wrong they were !!!! My little boy was born 40+1 at weighed 6lb 10!! So Tiny! I can’t believe it I was panicking for no reason! Xx

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