Think I may go on Mat leave earlier, your thoughts please.

Hi Girls,

Can I have your thoughts please. I was going to finish work on 20th March which is 2 weeks before my EDD, however I have been experiencing severe back pain and sitting at a desk job just isnt helping with that at all. Literally the only position I am comfortable in is laying down on either the sofa or the bed.

Now I was gonna tag my 4 weeks of annual leave onto the end of my mat leave but now I think i'm gonna tag them on the beginning so I finish on the 20th February instead. Its 5 weeks before my EDD and only 4 weeks away now but i'm not sure I can cope with the pain of sitting at a desk much more. Work have tried to help and given me a special chair, back rest, foot rest but nothing helps anymore.

What do you think, does it make sense to finish that early ??


  • I think you're better off resting before and putting your feet up. I worked until 38 weeks with my first, and so didn't really rest before George came along (c-sect at 39 weeks!) I'm currently 32 weeks, and I finish work at 36 weeks, which I'm glad about as I've been experiencing a bad back also. I think it's important to have some you time, as you don't manage to get any for a long time after baby is born. x
  • Hello,
    i think you should really listen to your body its telling you to slow down i also may start mine early have have just been diagnosed with pds and im in pain.
    hope it all works out well for you.
    i had 4 weeks off before i had my first child and it helped loads i was not stressing about getting things ready and i was well rested
    hope this helps
    emma 26+1 xxxxxxxxxx
  • The only thing I can think of that may put a spanner in the works is our holiday year is Jan - dec. So the leave I will use will be for this year, but if I wanna come back after baby is born part time then have I technically accrued enough leave or would I have to come back full time for the last three months of the year full time ? I'm not sure how it works ??
  • MrsW - listen to your body!!!!! image

    I've been put on mat leave at the earliest opportunity because of things happening, and have since found out that i have RD and a very low iron level, which work wasnt helping at all.
    I've got 8 weeks of sitting around doing 'nothing' and tbh its doing me some good. My back pains have eased up, and I'm not worrying about how soon this that and the other have to be done or how much time there is to do it all because i can get on with it slowly.

    i think taking the extra time off beforehand is a good idea.
    Sorry i dont know how your hols work - could you speak to your manager/HR dept to find that out...?

  • I can totally sympathise with you on this one as I'm already exhausted so I have no idea how I'll last another 3 months! I wanted to start my maternity at 38 weeks but am now planning on leaving at 36!

    I would imagine if you plan to go back to work part time after 9 months then you would only be entitled to 9 months worth of accrued 'full time' leave but it would be worth checking!

    Bec 23+6 x
  • Agree - listen to your body! I finished 3 weeks before my edd and in retrospect could have done with finishing a bit sooner - I'm a teacher so was on my feet a lot. That was without any particular pains or probs such as you describe - so I would definitely say finish as early as you need to. You must look after yourself.
  • Yes, I agree with everyone else. Listen to your body and finish on the 20th Feb. Every woman I know who only gave themselves 2 weeks regretted it. And...Once the baby is born you will have no time for yourself.

    Niblett xxxx
  • Hiya i agree with everyone else on this one, i was planning on going at 36 weeks but have been having a lot of back problems due to being a nursery nurse, gp and midwife advised me to leave so im on maternity leave now at 31 weeks
  • totally agree with all the girls, a good rest and a chance to get things ready before lo arrives is needed. we wont have much chance of putting our feet up then!
    i wanted to work till at least 36 weeks, but working at the hospital on my feet all day with heavy work means its just not happening. Was experiencing trouble with my back and am now on lighter duties. Ive saved a couple weeks annual leave which im taking at the start of my leave and will be 32 weeks when maternity kicks in. Im going to use this time to decorate the nursery and spruce the house up while i can. Im hoping that all the work will be done a few weeks before edd, so i can relax.

    i think everyones different, but dont feel bad for wanting extra time to rest now x
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