Midwife referral - is this right?

Hi ladies,

I'm 5+5 and I went to my gp tonight and she referred me to the midwife services. She said I had to choose a hospital and have all my appointments and scans there and that's where I'll have the baby. is this right? i thought you got a certain amount of choice?

I didn't want to go to our local QE in SE london and asked instead to go to Queen Mary's in sidcup as they have a midwife led unit which I would prefer if i have no complications. She didn't know anything about this but was happy to refer me. I however thought I would get a chance to look at them and choose?

Is this normal?

Can you change if you don't like it?

Thanks guys

Rach xx


  • Im pretty sure you have a choice about where you give birth, depending on whats in your area. You should be able to compare both, and then choose. Even then its not usually written in stone, and you can change your mind later! (unless things are different with different PCT's?) Women are supposed to be getting offered more choice with their births, not told what to do! x

  • I was given a choice of 2 hospitals but had to make a choice there and then so they knew which midwife team to refer me to!! Each hospital has it's own team xx
  • I would definately say you have a choice as I had the choice between qe and queens marys and unfortunately I went to qe after what seemed to be a positive with my second and then with my third I had complications and they were rubbish! I would say fight to go for queen marys they are so much better I had my first there and was fine qe is fine as tlong as there are no complications!

  • Rach i live in the same area as u! I got to choose between queen marys and queen elizabeth but choose the midwife unit at qmh. even though queen elizabeth is closer. Do you come under bexley pct or greenwich pct? coz my doc is bexley i get the choice of the 2 but if ur greenwich there is only qe i think?xx
  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for your replies.

    Clarkie - I live in Greenwich, but my GP seemed happy to refer me. She said I could choose one of the four hospitals - QE, QM, lewisham and somewhere else. Well she said it was fine and is writing the letter...I really want to go to a midwife led centre as I know in a normal unit I'll feel totally out of control, so fingers crossed. Could they come back and say no then? What has your experience of QM been like? How about QE I've had bloods done at QE and I'm going for an emergency scan there tomorrow so i guess i'll get to see the maternity unit then...

    Madnbella and bluebump - where do you live are you in Greenwich or Bexley?

    Thanks guys

    rach x
  • I live in Bexley, well its on the borders but classed as bexley!! x
  • Well i choose queen marys coz the appointments are done at my health centre so easier for me to attend, but was pleased when i found out about the midwife led centre as i too want to be in control and have as much of a nautral birth as i can.

    So far at queen marys ive had one scan got another one next week and it seems quite nice. My midwife is really nice and i have had all my bloods and other appointments at my surgery so havent been to queen marys much! Its quite a journey for us as we too live in greenwich bough but our drs is in bexley (were on the border).

    My friend had her baby at queen elizabeth and she was 6 weeks early and said they were great im sure they have a midwife led centre now, most trusts do i think?
    But maybe ill see ya in queen marys sometime! xxx image
    Jennie 11+5
  • with my son i never had a choice but then i lived on an island that only had one hospital.
    with my daughter i just went with what the midwife my gp refered me to said as when i met her i was already 30 weeks pregnant (we moved when i was 27 weeks)
    although i have moved to yet another place im still close to the hospital i had my daughter in so will be going there again as all went well the last time x
  • We had a choice of two - but I had to make the decision on the spot, I wasn't allowed (well given time) to go and visit the two and make some enquiries / get recommendations.

    I chose Frimley Park in Surrey, over Royal Surrey (in Surrey!!!) but am beginning to regret it. If am considering asking to change to Royal Surrey but will wait and see how the scan goes on Monday. The only thing I like about Frimley Park is that apart from the time I actually give birth, all of my treatment / appointments / scan is/are at the brand spanking new health centre where I live, its so easy to get too and not a huge, confusing hospital!

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