Bebe Confort Loola.

Hi Ladies

Just a few questions.

Has anyone got one of these? is it good? can you buy a base for the car seat when in car?



  • I haven't got one yet, but we are getting the Loola Up, just need to get it ordered. The Loola Up is the updated version of the Loola and both of them use the same car seat. The car seat does have a base that is fitted in the car, which was one of my main criteria for the car seat.

    All the reports we have read are good, Which have reviewed it and it comes out well and I was really pleased when we had a play with it at Mothercare

  • We are going to kiddicare on Friday to play with it lol! we was going to the streety but you cant use a base for the car seat i don't think and i think i like the loola more now. Sounds strange but i have always loved the handles like that instead of one bar.

    Thanks for your reply x
  • Ah ok Mrs Amanda do you know what car she has? i have a 3 door Peugeot 206 so its not massive.

  • You can't get a base for the Streety car seat, that is also why we went off this one and decided on the Loola Up. I definitely want the peace of mind of it being easier to fit straight onto a base
  • Yeah it put me off the streety because we only have a 3 door and from what i have read it is a hell of a lot easier with the base! x
  • snap, I have a 3 door fiesta and that was my main worry esp as I would be the one out and about with baby whilst hubby at work.

    The girl at mothercare spent ages with us and I found it really easy to use and get the car seat in and out.

    Suppose that with a 3 door car it's never going to be as easy as a 5 door, but this seems once of the easiest and the car seat gets good comments on both Which and What Car reports
  • Will they let you try it at the shop then? x
  • Ideally we would get a 5 door but i dont think we could afford to change car and i have to say i do love my car! lol i will see if kiddicare will let us try it out Thanks Ladies x
  • Mothercare were really good about trying a couple of car seats so that we could make sure that they fitted in my car, as not all car seats will fit all models.

    I would think that Kiddicare would let you try as it's in there interest that you are getting the right seat to fit your car and they have a good name for themselves.

    Just need to make sure you take you car with you!!
  • Hi, I have the Loola up too - it arrived last week and I love it! Just can't wait to try it out now. I love the small wheels 'cos loads of the other makes have these giant ones and will be no good for me using public transport. They do maxi-cosi adaptors for the loola now so you have the option of the creatis car seat or the maxi cosi one. HTH x
  • Thanks everyone i really wanna go kiddicare now and try it out lol! i think im set on it so i hope it all fits in my car! x
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