opinions please!

Hi everyone!

I'm pretty new on here, I have a 20 month old girl called lilly and we are also ttc number 2 (wish me luck!). I recently started my own business as a way to fit work around lilly. I just wondered if you would mind taking a look and telling me what you think of my website?

Any feedback you can give me would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Hello lillypiesmum

    Had a look at your website and thinking of getting a few things. Really funky and different to other sites, well done and hope it all goes well.

  • You have no idea how nice that is to hear! I built the website myself so its good to know ive done somthing right. Thanks for replying!
  • Looks great! very proffesional and would definately buy from it if I had any money!
  • Hi,
    I took a look-it's a really nice website- great graphics and some really good items. I have added it to my favorites-just waiting to know what we're having!!
    Lydia xx

  • You clever thing! The site is very well designed and easy to navigate. Good stuff on there too. Well done.


  • Hi Lillipiesmum

    I love the silver jewellery! The website is great, nice and easy to navigate etc. I did my own one too - it is very satisfying isn't it when it finally goes live! Mine isn't quite as exiciting as yours though!! www.danbycastle.com

    Good luck with your business.

  • Thanks so much for all your lovely replies! If any of you order from me in the future i'll give you half price postage as a thanks for your help, just e-mail me with your order number, remind me and i'll refund it for you. Remember to let all your friends know how fab the website is lol.
  • Looks good to me too and nice to see Daddies not forgotten !
  • I just had a look at your website... it's very good and really easy to navigate.

    I'm going to buy some things from there when I'm a bit closer to my due date.

    Well done and good luck ttc number 2 xxx


  • Will definately be ordering from you once had Tommy beginning of June!

    I love the boys nursery stuff - its soooo different to what you get in the shops and perfect for what I am thinking now I will finally have a nursery.

    Well done you!!!!!
  • Yes the nursery bedding is beautiful, its all hand made so the detail is fab. I tried to fill the site with things i found difficult to get myself when i had lilly.
  • Great site, i have saved it to my faves.
    left a message in your guest book..

    "Excellent site, i particularly like the Dadda section as this appears to be missing from most baby shops today! I will be back for some personalised baby clothes when i know whether i want pink or blue!"
  • excellent! thanks, everyone feel free to leave messages. I was considering putting a forum in, anyone think that would be a good idea?
  • Hi- I am new to this but I took a look at your website and wow it looks so cool!

    I work for a company who sell baby bits www.littlelife.co.uk and I know I would find your stuff a lot better to use! Ha!

    It's really cool- amazing! x image
  • Hi,

    im having a problem with the website but it could be the computer my end, sometimes i get an error message and i have to close down, other times it just throws me out ?

    Would love to have a look at your maternity wear . Will try again but thought id mention it in case its a website error.

    Jas xx
  • Hi, thanks for letting me know, I was updating it a little while ago maybe that was the problem. Ive checked it all out and it seems to be working fine. Maybe at your end??

    Lisa x
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