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Faint positive or evap line? Opinions are appreciated



  • Any ideas would be amazing as Im going out of my mind xx

  • I think I can see a faint line! Have you missed your period yet?

  • Hi thanks for your comment ☺️

    Yes iv missed my period by 4 days but when I was pregnant with my son I had low hcg for the first 8 weeks and the line is more noticeable in person and blue but part of me thinks I’m going crazy lol 

  • I can see the line :) as long as it appeared in the time it says on the test you got and wasn't left out for hours before you saw it then it's not a evaporation line :) 

  • Hi thanks for your comment as well ☺️

    Yes I did 3 clear blue tests all with 2 lines with in the time frame but sadly I started bleeding yesterday with mild cramps that are coming and going also with very small blood clots but going to the doctors later today. it doesn’t look good and I can’t stop crying but maybe there’s a small bit of hope that everything’s fine 

  • Try and stay positive it could be implantation bleeding that can happen in early pregnancy :) 

  • Thank you rebecca and I’ll try ☺️

  • try to stay calm, hope is implantation bleeding. Good luck in the hospital later hun I'll have my fingers crossed for you. Keep us updated xx

  • Hi girls spoke to the doctor and they want me to go to a&e I’ll keep you updated x

  • At least they are keeping an eye on your and not just sending you home :) think good thoughts x

  • Just got home they don’t seem to worried they just took some bloods and I have an appointment tomorrow at hospital in the EPU for a scan etc x

  • When I was pregnant with my son I had a slight bleed just spotting around 6weeks and I got sent for a scan just to see if everything was OK, saw the little heart beat :) how far along are you if your pregnant?...don't worry if you do see a little blob on screen tomorrow but no heart beat it could be to early for the heart beat :) x

  • See this bleed is more the spotting but not super heavy. 

    I would be around 4 weeks and 4days.

    im just trying not to worry or get stressed I’m just really scared x

  • These are good news! I also had some bleeding on and off when i was pregnant with my son. Relax and take it easy today and hopefully you will see the little bean tommorrow! !

  • I know exactly how you are feeling I'm here if you need somone to chat to :) 

    This all happened to me and I have a 6 week old baby now so it's not all bad news and I'm hoping it won't be for you either, I think bleeding is quite a common but very unsettling thing to happen in early pregnancy x

  • Thank you girls it’s been nice to be able to talk to people ☺️

    When iv had miscarriages previously it was nothing like this it was super painful with heavy bleeding and big blood clots but I’m not in any pain and the blood clots are tiny so fingers crossed.

    i have a 1 & 1/2 year old son but I can’t go by experience as I found out I was pregnant at 2 months because I was sure I had a period lol but can’t remember now x

  • can someone help me I'm literally going crazy is this test positive I've just done it I'm due on on Sunday so a few days early is this looking good or not?? Xxxxximage

  • Looks positive. Congrats!!

  • Really? Thankyou so much I'm due Sunday what's best to wait and see if my period comes and test again next week or do one in the morning? I really don't believe that test 😂😂 thankyou so much for the reply xxxx

  • I think i can see the second line! Did it appear within the time frame?

    Since you are due on sunday I'd say to wait and test on Monday. I know how difficult it is though!!! If can't wait take a first response with morning wee. 

    Good luck xx

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