Is it true?

That when you have your baby they carry out the same sleeping habits as they do when they are in your belly?

I only ask because my lo is very lively at night time and tends to get hiccups and kick me a lot, he is also active during the day but will have a sleep at lunch time and then wake up to Kiss fm at about 5pm in the car.

I hope he doesn't stay awake all night when he arrives :\?


  • I think its trueish, my lo had her days and nights mixed up when she was born and she was quite active at night when I was pregnant. Sorry!
  • I heard that it's sort of true. I don't know to be honest. My baby is exactly the same. She moves around alot in the day and at night. I cant fall asleep till gone four in the morning. And you would think that sleep will try to catch up. But it doesnt. Cause she is the cause for me being awake that time in the morning kicking like mad. Keeping me awake.

    How far are you Caz? I can always wait and tell you afterwards. Or send out a message to report back to everyone.



  • I really hope it's true, because my lo is not much of a mover at all. He usually has hiccups when I wake up (about 8am) and then has bursts of activity throughout the day. He's usually most active in the evening between 5 and 10. And then he stops - doesn't disturb me at all!

    Please let it be xxx

  • Tiger lily are you on maternity leave yet?


  • Technically no as I haven't worked since I was 18 weeks! Hence why I am on here bored most of the day!

    I think if I had been working, I would have carried on until my due date just to keep busy! xxxx
  • I am 26 weeks at the mo so any updates would be welcome.

    I know hes going to be a little monkey just like his dad so I have visions of being up all night lol

  • hee hee my little shrimp doesnt move much during the day, but as soon as I lay in bed wham bam starts tap dancing!

    I put it down to the fact I am rocking baby to sleep with my movements in the day!

    My son never hardly slept at all for the first 10 weeks, he was a right miserable baby, he didnt want to be born I think lol
    Thank god it only lasted 10 weeks before i managed to get him to sleep right through.
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