whan's the earliest i can leave work? Ive had a shit week. i hate them all and they all hate me. im on half termholiday now so got a week to calm down but doubt i will have. i'm 29 weeks due to see mw on the 30th which is next friday. do i need to ring her in advance and make sure she's got it? or does she have them to hand?
sob in frustration!!!


  • You can leave up to 15 weeks before due date hun so go now!
    Poor you.
    Could you not see your Doctor and get signed off with depression or sleepless nights due to stress at work or something until your intended leaving date?
  • i'm not sure id be able to afford that but ill find out what the policy is for sick leave. xx
  • Ring your midwife just to check she has a MatB1 for you then hun anyway. Besides, you'll be 30 weeks by the time you have to go back. That's fine for maternity leave!
  • you can go now, ring to make sure midwife has a matb1 as they had to post mine to me.
    i had exactly the same prob and have now finished 4 weeks early on the sick and then my mat leave kicks in. i was worried bout money but in the end decided me and bump were more important. look into sick leave, you get paid for it. xxx
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