Ah scared!

Hi girls,

Am 35 weeks pregnant with my first and when I went to the toilet just now I had a spot of blood and a tiny bit of thick discharge on my tissue. There isn't any in my knickers or anything and I have felt baby move since.
Rang midwife she didn't seem too concerned but said if I wanted to I could ring delivery suite aned they might ask for me to go in a be checked out. She said that i defo need to just keep an eye on baby's movement though and if i get any pain or a lot of bleeding to definately ring them.
Just a bit worreid and wondered if anyone else had this or know anything about it??


  • Was the thick discharge the consistency of snot? If so, it could be part of your show. I think you can start losing it quite early on so it's a possibility. It sometimes has a bit of blood in it too. xx
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