16-18 week appt

Hiya ladies - can anyone tells me what the midwife does at this appt. My midwife is only at the surgery mon - wed between 12 - 2! I work in London and with an hour commute each way I would literally have to have the day off - which I think takes the pi$$ a bit! WOuld i be able to see a normal doctor - if they just literally do blood pressure? x


  • She tested my pee and did my blood pressure and just generally asked me how I was getting on - she also took my bloods for the screening tests as I opted to have these done. Then she let me listen to the baby's heartbeat. i dont see her again now till I am 25+1



  • Take the day off hun! It's worth it to hear that wonderful sound! Then spend the rest of the day pampering you!! Your you time is coming to an end!! Plus - work have to pay you to attend - Double bonus!!
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