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weight gain!!

hi im 31 weeks pregnant and ive put 23 pounds on!! is this average or under or over? i just want to know whether im under weight or over!!

could someone help me out please??
how much weight is everyone esle putting on??

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  • i have given up weighing myself because i was depressed about putting on weight, having never been over 8 stone in my life. i put on nearly a stone in first 12 weeks but it slowed down after that. I Googled it but have now forgotten the answer. remember you have to factor in the baby's weight, weight of amniotic fluid and bigger boobs, more body fat in general to support the baby etc, so don't panic if you feel you have put on loads of weight. i think i remembered someone saying you should put on a pound for each week you are pregnant but i don't think that can be right or we'd all be elephants by the time we gave birth!! Sorry, i'm sure this is no help at all, i'll shut up now
  • well i was 9 and now im 10 and half!! i think thats about right for my time in pregnancy as statistics say you should put on between 25-35 lbs in weight so lets just hope im alrite!! i havent put weight on really though its all around my belly and my boobs i have jumped from a C to DD its horrible i hate them but im planning to breastfeed!! hope your well today x x
  • I put on about a stone and three quarters while I was pregnant, all on my belly and boobs like you (I went from a 34D to a 36E and I love them!!) my little girl is now eleven weeks old and I weigh one pound more than before I got pregnant, the only excersise I do is walking with my pushchair so I am hardly super active. It sounds like you are right on target to me but I wouldn't worry about it, as long as you eat sensibly (not JUST chocolate!!) most of the weight will fall off by itself once youve given birth.
    Good luck
  • i was 9 stone b4 ma daughter, went up to 10 stone, and she was born 6lb 13 a wk early, then was 7 stone,took a year to get up to 8 and stayed at 8 til now, 14 wks pregnant and 9 stone, put on a stone already this time!!! everone is different, i think as long as you eat fairly healthy,thats all you should worry about, and a few months after the birth,wow, you feel super slim! lol
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