Any diabetic ladies out there?

Hi girls,

I'm 22 weeks pregnant and type 1 diabetes, have been for 9 years! I was just wondering if anyone else on this website has diabetes, whether type 1, type 2 or gestational, and how you're all coping?

I've been very lucky with my care, as I've been put under a consultant's care, so see him every two weeks, and my blood sugars have greatly improved! I've also been seeing a fantastic diabetci nurse who has been really helpful, particularly with increasing my insulin and dealing with my sweet cravings! At the moment we have discussed having a normal birth, but well aware that there's a good chance of a ceasarean! Has anyone else discussed their birth plan with their doctor / midwife?

C. X


  • Hi Cas,

    I found out two weeks ago that I have gestational diabetes. We've tried amending diet for those two weeks, but my diet was pretty good before so there wasn't a lot of room for improvement. My diabetic nurse has now decided it's best to start me on insulin from tomorrow as I am now 32+4 wks.

    I saw a consultant last week as it looks like baby is going to be big, perhaps 9-10lbs and he really just said that we would wait and see what the situation is at a 36 wk scan but that with a woman on insulin they would normally induce at 39 wks. He didn't say that a c section would be any more likely.

    Sorry not much help x
  • They've told me that they won't let me go past 39 weeks, if it hasn't started by then,. they'll induce and I assume then they'll whip it out!

    One good thing is I'm getting scans every 4 weeks to check the size of the baby, so will have lots of chances to see the bubba!

  • i have type 1 diabetes, have had for last 6 years. This is my 2nd diabetic pregnancy. This time round i have been much more closely monitored and have scans every 4 weeks.
    they didnt say at the start that a c section is more likey but that i wouldnt be able to go past my due date due to babies tending to be bigger in diabetics.
    my consultant wasnt really able to discuss birth options til after 32 weeks and relied on scans etc as well.
    Here if you need any answers hun.
    Filo x
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