gym ball just as good?

in labour? i want to use mine near due date to bounce on and then take to hospital with me,do i have to get birthing ball or whatever they called or is gym ball just as good?


  • Yes I wondered that too - birthing balls look a bit more sturdier than gym balls but surely they do the same job?


  • I just used my gym ball, i used it a couple of weeks before and then during whilst i was at home, it really helped. xxx

  • i've been wondering this too, but as far as i can see the only difference is that a birthing ball has an anti burst mechanism, so if it pops it goes down gently rather than in a big explosion lol. i think i'll just get a gym ball if that is the only difference as tesco have them for ??4.99


  • Gym balls are just as good. Ive been using them for years and tesco ones are the best and one of the cheapest! My hospital only have a couple, so I brought an extra one to pack, it also comes with a pump so dh can pump it up once we arrive all being well and good. They do come in different sizes depending on height. Once blown up, your hips should be above your knee's. Im 5ft 7in and use a 75cm ball from Tesco.
  • I used a gym ball, and not a birthing ball and it was 5 pound from Argos!! Wouldn't tell any difference between that and a B.Ball apart from like Katie says 25 pound cheaper!!

  • ah ive been wondering this for ages to!! i'll be getting a gym ball then, as the birthing ones seem to be a rip off!
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